Three Mata Builds

So a while ago I wanted to make a mata-style toa of botany, and within the last week or two he finally got a couple friends.

Apparently, when I made the Bo-toa, I thought so little of his basic design that I actually do not have a photo of him saved on my computer, but really there’s little to miss.

I’ll keep this brief, the toa of lightning is named Voltia, I think she turned out well with the coloring and build.

The toa of stone is basically my self-moc, Kow. I like to think of him as a chronicler of sorts, using his chisel tool for writing on stone. Also he has neck articulation, so bonus points I guess.

Hope you enjoyed a quick view of a couple simple builds, they’re pretty fun to make and I think the latest two turned out pretty nice for what they are. At any rate, have a good day out there!


Really nice but I think you should add more tan on Kow.

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Eh, I like the design the way it is, and to be honest I’m not really sure I have spare pieces in the right color and an applicable mold lol.

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really wish lego had made more bonks come in only one shade of brown. Love the mocs

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Thanks! I do find it funny how Lego never did settle on a replacement for brown, first they replace Pohatu’s dark brown with Onewa’s tan, then yellow and gunmetal, yellow and black, orange, and so on.

And then STARS had yellow again lol, it’s an adventure in its own right.

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