Tiberian Destiny: A Command and Conquer RP OOC topic [Franchise Newbies welcome]

Nod, our Glorious Brotherhood, is in need. We need, you! Yes, You! You have skills we need to spread to word of the Prophet across the globe, and share the salvation of Tiberium to the peoples of the world! Join us, and make the world a better place!

Soldier. You have been chosen by the GDI as the best of the best. You have the training, the gear, and most importantly the guts to face down the terrors of space and earth. And WIN.

The world has Forsaken us! Nod brought their Salvation, which only brought us RUIN. GDI promised friendship, and instead forsook us! Well no longer! We shall show the world we will not be beat down and abandons no longer. WE WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!

Welcome everyone to Tiberian Destiny, a new Command and Conquer rp.

You will become a member of one of three factions, the shadowy Brotherhood of Nod, the shiny and not-so-clean Global Defense Initiative, and the scavenging mutants of the Forgotten. You begin as enemies, however, there will be… visitors, that will change everything.

Lore info will be posted soon to help with your decision.

Character Sheet:

Birthplace: (This is Earth, by the way)
Age: (Preferably between 17-30, but exceptions can be made)
Faction: (Brotherhood of Nod, Global Defense Initiative, the Forgotten)
Bonds, Goals, and secrets: (PM me these)

(If Nod or GDI)
Occupation and Rank:
(If Forgotten)
Level of Mutation: (Early, mid, and Late Stage)

Details, Lore, notable individuals, factions etc.

What the heck is Command & Conquer anyway? Command and Conquer (or C&C for short) is a series of Real-Time Strategy games. It has a deep story told over 3 games.

What’s the story though?
Part 1: The First Tiberium War

The game’s story begins in the 1990’s, where an asteroid crashes to earth near the Tiber River in Italy, carrying a strange substance called Tiberium. It then beings to spread in an odd manner across the globe (Explained below). Tiberium is a valuable resource due to the high quantities of valuable metals in its makeup. This is when the faction known as the Brotherhood of NOD, led by the enigmatic Kane, emerges from the shadows, uniting the poor, disenfranchised nations of the world. Due to the increased growth of Tiberian around the world’s equatorial regions, leads to the brotherhood controlling almost 50% of the world’s Tiberium supply. In counter to this, the UN creates the Global Defense Initiative (or GDI) to attempt to slow NOD advances. This results in the breakout of the first Tiberium War.

The Brotherhood first launched an expansive campaign that eventually allowed it to take over most of Africa and launch a second campaign in mainland Europe. When GDI managed to take the initiative, to gain more support, Kane devised a plan to blame GDI for the slaughtering of the population of Białystok, Poland. Afterwards, Nod broadcast a fake news report claiming that GDI soldiers razed the whole town on suspicions of the citizens being involved in Tiberium smuggling. The broadcast created a scandal that forced the United Nations Security Council to cut GDI funding pending an investigation, causing the GDI to apparently almost shut down. Kane however was unaware that this ‘scandal’ was used by GDI and the UN, and as Nod forces arrived, they encountered heavy resistance from “abandoned” bases. Since the incursions into GDI territory caused Nod forces to be spread very thin, GDI not only repelled the attacks, but took large areas of Nod territory during their counterstrikes, giving them the decisive advantage in the first conflict.

Kane himself was believed to have been killed at the final stand of the Brotherhood near Sarajevo. With GDI forces closing in, Kane calmly attempted to exit his ‘Temple of Nod’ through the front door. However, as he gazed upon the ruined hallway the entire temple was suddenly bathed in the light of GDI’s Ion Cannon. Kane was seemingly vaporized by the discharge, holding his arms out wide.

The death of Kane

Part 2: The Second Tiberium War

Following the First Tiberium War, the death of Kane caused the Brotherhood to factionalize into small armies. For quite a long time, they fought more against themselves than against GDI. It is known that one of Nod’s most influential leaders, General Hassan, was collaborating with GDI, keeping Nod relatively harmless. Unfortunately for Hassan, the Black Hand leader, Anton Slavik escaped an execution attempt, and rallied his forces against Hassan. The puppet leader was captured and executed in a ceremony marking Nod’s reunification. To the astonishment of many Nod personnel, Kane revealed himself to be alive shortly before Hassan was killed.

Execution of Hassan


Nod immediately launched an aggressive war against GDI positions, including assaults on Phoenix Base and Hammerfest. Nod also captured the Tacitus, a data matrix filled with vast knowledge about Tiberium. With it, Kane had planned on detonating a World Altering Missile, transforming all carbon-based life on Earth into Tiberium-based life. However, with assistance from the Forgotten, the Global Defense Initiative managed to defeat Nod once more. Commander Michael McNeil, the GDI commander who led the assault on Cairo, discovered that Kane did not survive the Ion Cannon strike unharmed. Large portions of his face were hidden under a metal mask, covering what appear to be massive burns. This was particularly surprising, as all transmissions from Kane to both Nod and GDI showed a flawless face; a fact explained by CABAL digital filtering of raw images.
McNeil apparently killed Kane at the end of the war by impaling him with a shard of metal.

Part 3: CABAL and the Firestorm Crisis

However, there was a small incident, cause by the increasingly self-aware CABAL

The Firestorm Crisis started with General Slavik arguing with the rest of the Inner Circle of the Brotherhood over leadership issues in the wake of Kane’s apparent death. He ordered his men to recapture CABAL, a move which he believed will help reunite Nod while at the same time allowing Nod to compete with GDI. The Black Hand recovered the AI, but shortly after CABAL’s reactivation the computer seized control of all Nod Cyborg units, and assassinated the Inner Circle. Commander Slavik, who alone managed to escape the death that claimed the other generals, ordered all Nod forces to evacuate from CABAL’s cyborgs. Slavik assists in this evacuation by maneuvering the Montauk to a Nod installation and recovering the survivors. Slavik then ordered a surgical strike against a massive GDI air force base to recover an EVA unit, which he had reprogrammed to assist Nod forces.

With Nod’s forces lacking the manpower or intelligence to beat CABAL alone, General Slavik approached GDI General Paul Cortez with a cease-fire offer so that they could work together against CABAL. Since GDI forces were also under considerable strain, Cortez agreed, and both sides began attacking CABAL’s auxiliary bases, in Nod’s case a Tiberium harvesting facility. With CABAL’s auxiliary bases down, Slavik deployed members of the Elite Cadre, the best of his Black Hand troops, to clear out a patrolling Cyborg team before Nod established a base and launched an offensive against CABAL. Ultimately, GDI and Nod forces were able to destroy the CABAL Core. Slavik claimed victory against the single greatest threat to the Brotherhood.

Part 4: Lead up to the third Tiberium War

However, Slavik’s victory was short-lived, as unrest began to spread throughout Nod, and Slavik became increasingly unpopular. This eventually culminated in his murder at the hands of Brother Marcion, who had taken control of the Black Hand and Nod being, again, splintered into warring factions. This left the still-alive Kane almost entirely by himself. However, Kane, with LEGION, worked towards reuniting the Brotherhood again as a global superpower.

Brother Marcion

The first step towards reunification was taken in the Rio Insurrection, in which Nod forces commanded by LEGION helped the local populace overthrow GDI rule and brought a renegade Nod warlord to heel. Kane then turned his attention to Australia, sending Nod forces, again under LEGION’s command, first to retrieve information on Nod’s Stealth technology and later to subdue Marcion’s Black Hand faction in central Australia.

With Marcion brought back to the fold, Kane ordered the destruction of a GDI Liquid Tiberium research facility in the Outback, as a “grand gesture” to all Nod forces around the world. The destruction of the facility produced a Tiberium fallout across Australia, contaminating much of the country with the crystal. After this event, Nod was again a unified force. It operated mainly in the Yellow Zones, gaining the trust of the populace. Kane planned to strike against the GDSS Philadelphia, ordering LEGION to steal the plans for the Ion Cannon network. Kane also arranged for Redmond Boyle to become the GDI Director after the attack, counting on his incompetence to further the cause of Nod.

Part 5: the Third Tiberium War

Destruction of the GDSS Philadelphia

The Third Tiberium War began with the Brotherhood of Nod again emerging from the shadows to battle GDI. In the very early stages of the Third Tiberium War, Nod launched a successful attack on GDI’s Goddard Space Center, rendering all of GDI’s anti-missile capabilities useless. GDI was caught off guard, with its senior commanders and Board of Directors on the Philadelphia for the annual energy summit. Due to the loss of its anti-missile defences, the Philadelphia became vulnerable to attack and was quickly destroyed by a Nod nuclear missile. Nod used the following confusion to attack GDI installations in Blue Zones across the globe and almost succeeded in taking North America. However, GDI rallied its forces and drove Nod out of the regions they had captured.

This brings us to the present day. The Third Tiberium war is in full swing, and Temple Prime has almost finished being rebuilt.

Ugh.... I don't want to read all that history. Is there a video or something I can watch?

As a matter of fact, there is! This pair of videos on Kane and Tiberium gives you a good depiction of what the story is. Simply take note that anything past the destruction of Temple Prime in the third Tiberium war has not happened yet.



Notable Figures

Name: Kane
Role: Leader and messiah of the Brotherhood of NOD

Bio: Kane is an enigma, an enigma, wrapped in mystery, surrounded by a riddle. Much of his life is unknown before the 1940’s. According to the Brotherhood, he is the same as Cain, from the biblical book of Genesis. According to Genesis, Cain murdered his brother in envy, and was forced to wander the earth for eternity. According to the brotherhood, this mean that Cain, or Kane as he is known now, never aged or could be killed by mortal means. However, all of this is from Kane himself, and as such, is unlikely to be true. The first time he was seen on record, was as the personal adviser to Stalin, but after that, little is known until the 1990’s, when the Brotherhood emerged from the shadows. Kane claimed to have prophesized the arrival of Tiberium on earth, and while these claims are unsubstantiated, it is uncanny that the brotherhood was able to claim much of the world’s Tiberium supply before Tiberium ever arrived. Since then, Kane has instigated war after war, dodged death on several occasions, and general been a thorn in GDI’s side.

Brother Marcion

Name: Brother Marcion
Role: Leader of the Black Hand
Bio: During the Second Tiberium War, Brother Marcion was the leader of the Brotherhood’s religious wing, spreading and enforcing the prophecies of Kane. He was no mere monk however - he was also a fighter, gaining widespread recognition in battle when he gallantly used an improvised flamethrower to wipe out many entrenched GDI soldiers. This inspired the creation of the Purifier walker, embodying the spirit of Marcion. As the War drew to a close, he became disillusioned with Nod and its leader.

When Kane died and Anton Slavik took control of Nod, giving the Black Hand a new public profile, many claimed the Nod leader was a traitor to the Black Hand’s true purpose. Marcion’s impassioned and popular preaching made him a natural opponent for Slavik. What started as a doctrinal disagreement quickly escalated into a schism that threatened the very existence of Nod itself. The situation spun out of control quickly, with Slavik dead at the hands of an assassin and Marcion in Australia, on a self-imposed exile. Evidence suggests that his betrayal was actually planned by GDI; a spy managed to use his vanity against him and turn him on the Brotherhood and Kane, triggering yet another splintering of the Brotherhood.

However, Kane, who needed a figurehead to lead the Brotherhood in order to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to himself, ordered LEGION to capture Marcion and afterwards, Kane managed to bring Marcion back into the fold, where he became the first member of Kane’s newly reformed Inner Circle and temporary official leader of the Brotherhood. Marcion exhibited unease when he met Kane following his capture; claiming that if he knew Kane lived, he never would’ve tried to bury his legacy.

Marcion was also responsible for commissioning the development of the first-generation Scorpion tank, inspired by Kane’s teachings concerning the importance of psychological warfare in modern warfare.

He was also an influential religious leader and writer. One of his most famous writings concerned his praise of Fanatics, Nod suicide bombers. He was himself fanatically faithful to aspects of Nod religion, and clashed with other members of the Brotherhood whom he viewed as impure.

Redmond Boyle

Name: GDI Director Redmon Boyle
Role: Acting Director of GDI, orignally Director of the Treasury.

Bio: Redmond Boyle is the current Acting Director of GDI, a position he gained by being the sole Director no on the Philadelphia when it was destroyed. He was delayed due to an attack on the treasury by unkown forces and had to assess the situation.

He has become notorious among GDI by his insistance on a propoganda war, and his willingness to use things like the orbital Ion Cannon to score political and morale victories, as oppose to strategic victories. In addition, many have voiced concerns about his lack of both political, leadership, and military experience.

(And yes, that is Billy Dee Williams)

Jack Granger

Name: Lieutenant General Jack Granger
Role: Current Highest Ranking Military Officer of GDI

Bio: Granger has over 28 years of combat experience, a veteran of theSecond Tiberium War. He was stationed at InOps at the beginning of the Third Tiberium War. Pragmatic and disciplined, Granger is known to be stubborn and persistent with his ideals but also honorable and believes in the proper conduct of war. While the rest of GDI believed that the Brotherhood of Nod was no longer a threat, Granger remained wary and insisted that so long as Tiberium existed on Earth, Nod would always be a danger.

On Tiberium

Tiberium Hazard Symbol


According to GDI, Tiberium was named after the Tiber river, the site of the meteor impact that first brought the alien substance to Earth. However, Kane claimed that Tiberium was discovered by the Brotherhood of Nod, and that he personally named it after the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

Tiberium leeches valuable minerals from the earth, refined Tiberium can be used to manufacture war materiel. Tiberium is also a source of clean energy, since the process by which matter is transmuted into Tiberium gives off powerful energy. Ironically, despite GDI’s goal of eradicating Tiberium, its infrastructure heavily depends on the power generated using Tiberium.Even the sonic emitters used to break up Tiberium crystals is powered by Tiberium-based energy.

In addition, both the Brotherhood of Nod utilizes a wide variety of Tiberium-based weapons, such as energy weapons powered by Tiberium, Tiberium-based toxins, missiles with Tiberium warheads, and even raw shards of Tiberium fired at high velocity.

Economic Effects

Due to its numerous useful properties, Tiberium quickly became the most valuable natural resource in the world.

The Brotherhood of Nod has always relied on Tiberium for funding. During the First Tiberium War, Nod’s operating assets were believed to be more than 255.2 billion US dollars, most likely due to its control over global Tiberium supplies. GDI general Jack Granger once said that Nod will always be a serious threat to GDI as long as Tiberium exists on Earth, implying that Nod’s ability to rebuild itself after every defeat is at least partly due to its exploitation of Tiberium.

GDI also benefited from Tiberium as a resource, though somewhat reluctantly. Most within the organization consider Tiberium to be an environmental plague that ultimately needs to be eradicated, but some have argued for more aggressive exploitation of Tiberium.

Enviornmental Effects

The rapidity at which Tiberium spreads, coupled with its devastating effects on Earth’s ecosystem, made it the deadliest environmental hazard humanity has ever encountered.

During the First Tiberium War, Tiberium spread to more than two hundred areas around the war, possibly due to the initial rush to exploit it as a new resource when its harmful properties were still unknown. Throughout the war, Tiberium researchers such as Dr. Moebius discovered some of these properties, including its extreme toxicity, its mutagenic effects, as well as its leaching of soil nutrients. However, the true extent of Tiberium’s environmental effects would not become apparent until after the end of the war.

After TWI, Tiberium quickly spread across the world, especially in temperate areas, due to the abundance of vegetation to be converted into blossom trees. New forms of Tiberium, such as blue Tiberium and Tiberium algae, began to appear. Tiberium growth could not be checked except by environmental factors: the growth of all forms of Tiberium is slowed in extremely cold or dry climates, presumably due to the lack of plant life to convert into blossom trees.

During this period, destructive ion storms, apparently caused by the presence of Tiberium, began to form around the world, causing massive collateral damage. These storms could jam electronics, disrupt communications, and ground aircraft. The largest ion storm took place during the Firestorm Conflict, cutting off GDI forces worldwide from satellite communications and the Philadelphia space station.

By 2030, thousands of species, flora and fauna, were either driven to extinction or mutated to the point of being unrecognizable. Dr. Gabriella Boudreau theorized that Tiberium is an alien terraforming agent, and would soon transform Earth into an environment unable to support any terrestrial life. Uortunately for humanity, this did not come to pass, presumably due to GDI’s focus on Tiberium abatement following the Firestorm Conflict.

Prior to the, Tiberium underwent another evolution. It apparently overcame its weakness to cold and dry environments, as it no longer required blossom trees to spread. Instead, it rose out of the ground from underground deposits. These deposits could appear anywhere, though GDI used Sonic repulsion fields and sonic emitters to contain them in Blue Zones. The new form of Tiberium was more virulent than ever, capable of converting anything it comes into contact with into Tiberium at the molecular level.

Tiberium crystals released microscopic Tiberium particulates into the air, these particulates were similar to Tiberium spores of the past, accelerating the spread of Tiberium. As with Tiberium spores, inhalation of Tiberium particulates can be deadly, as they can convert lung tissues into Tiberium.


Up until the Firestorm Conflict, the only form of infantry protection against Tiberium poisoning was the Prototype Mobius suit, developed by Dr. Mobius for conducting Tiberium experiments. Vehicles were able to shield infantry units from the harmful effects of Tiberium.

After the Firestorm Conflict, the evolved Tiberium gained the ability to convert any material it touches into Tiberium, a process that releases radiation. This made crossing Tiberium fields unprotected even more dangerous: In addition to the risk of infection, traversing even a medium-sized Tiberium field would result in megadoses of radiation, causing radiation poisoning very quickly.

However, the transmutation process works more slowly with some materials, allowing soldiers equipped with protective suits, such as GDI’s Zone troopers to operate in Tiberium fields for a limited amount of time. Tanks and vehicles used by both sides were often equipped with shielding on their tracks and wheels, providing some limited protection. Harvesters, refineries, and Tiberium processing plantswere equipped with more advanced Tiberium containment technology, but even these cannot completely prevent corrosion and eventual infection.

Only GDI’s sonic resonator technology was capable of completely prevent Tiberium infection, however, it was not adapted for infantry and vehicle use due to the sheer size, weight, and power consumption.

Types of Tiberium

Tiberium Riparius , or simply “green Tiberium”, was the first identified and most common Tiberium variant. In Latin, “riparius” means “that inhabits the banks of rivers”, a reference to the Tiber river banks, where Tiberium was first discovered.

The first was via meteor impact, this was how Tiberium originally arrived on Earth. During the Firestorm Conflict, these meteor strikes increased in number and frequency for unknown reasons, seeding new Tiberium patches and causing a great deal of collateral damage.

The second method was by altering the genetic code of nearby plant life into “blossom trees” which release Tiberium spores into the surrounding air stream, seeding the surrounding area with Tiberium.

The third method was self-replication. Given time, even a small patch of Tiberium would spread to consume vast areas without the need of a blossom tree.

After the Firestorm Conflict, Tiberium eventually evolved into a self-replicating proton lattice, and no longer depended on blossom trees for propagation.


Tiberium Vinifera , or simply “blue Tiberium”, was a Tiberium variant that did not appear until after the First Tiberium War, implying that it was a more mature form of the substance. The name “Vinifera” is derived from the Latin name of the common grape vine.

Blue Tiberium had two growth stages; the first was crystalline growths nearly identical to green Tiberium crystals aside from the color. These crystals contained a much higher concentration of leeched minerals than green Tiberium, but as a result, they were highly volatile and may be detonated by weapons discharge. Blue Tiberium spreads by self-replication, but at a much slower rate compared to Riparius.

The second stage was larger crystalline structures that towered over the landscape, these “monoliths” were highly unstable and prone to explode, spreading its stored mass of crystals over the entire area. It was theorized that these monoliths were developed as a new method for the distribution of Tiberium.This form was introduced in Firestorm , and functioned as the blossom tree equivalent for blue Tiberium.

After the Firestorm Conflict, blue Tiberium, just as green Tiberium, evolved into a new form. Like its green counterpart, it gained the ability to transmute water into Tiberium, as the Tiber river bed became covered in blue Tiberium. Its other attributes remained largely the same.


Liquid Tiberium was a relatively new form of the alien substance. It is an extremely potent and unstable form that has an extremely high energy density yield. GDI was originally researching its properties in a top secret lab in Australia, under Doctor James De Groot; however, a Black Hand strike force destroyed the lab. This caused massive fallout and accelerated the spread of Tiberium across the continent and turning much of the Australian Outback into a Red zone. When the program was exposed, public backlash was so widespread that GDI promptly shut down the program. Nod, on the other hand, continued to research Liquid Tiberium’s properties, and by the Third Tiberium War it was used as both a weapon and a tool by the Brotherhood.

Liquid Tiberium can be used to seed new Tiberium on unoccupied ground. The new form can be sprayed on a surface, and the microscopic Tiberium particles will embed themselves in the soil and rapidly develop into Tiberium Riparius. It is used as one of the methods of amplifying Tiberium spread. Another use is as a component of the Tiberium Infusion or as a power core of Nod power plants.

In addtion, liquid Tiberium is highly explosive, capable of reachin nuclear weapon level yields. Typically it is used by Nod as a sort of fuel air bomb, spraying it into the air then detonating the gas into a large explosion.

Effects on Organic Matter

Outcroppings of Tiberium release odorless gases as they appear. While Tiberium was originally considered harmless (and perhaps even beautiful to some due to its unearthly shimmering sparkles), these fumes will heavily poison any carbon-based life form that ventures through it. Radiation can become a dangerous factor as well in higher concentrations of Tiberium.

Long-term, low-level exposure to Tiberium causes illness of various systems amongst all terrestrial life. As the exact mutagenic means by which Tiberium affects terrestrial biology are largely unknown, treatment is generally restricted to alleviating the symptoms rather than curing the cause. Unfortunately, this means that victims of Tiberium poisoning almost uniformly experience a gradual decline over a number of years until eventually succumbing to the effects.

What was not initially apparent, however, were the intra-organism mutations that could cause subtle mutations seen only within a few generations of exposure. The growth of Tiberium crystals on the skin and flesh, increased resistance to the effects of Tiberium poisoning, and even the ability of tissues to achieve accelerated cellular regeneration when in the presence of Tiberium were only known to Nod researchers.

However, generally, exposure to Tiberium (either a single heavy exposure or a long-term light exposure) will cause death by some form of total system failure.

Effects on humans

When exposed to very high concentrations of Tiberium, such as while passing through an area of dense Tiberium growth without protective apparatus, the short-term effects of Tiberium poisoning are immediately experienced by individuals. If an individual dies from such exposure, irregular Tiberium mutation can sometimes result. This mutation causes the individual’s body to literally break down into a somewhat inside-out, amoeboid organism. These are known as “Visceroids”, with the strange tendency to “bleed” fluids in both gaseous and liquid forms. Visceroids tend to feed upon nearby sources of Tiberium, or, if available, they will attempt to digest organic matter of vaguely similar genetic composition to the host organism that preceded them.

Human Tiberium poisoning has become much more dangerous with its evolution: if a human comes into direct contact with Tiberium, the green matter will start to fuse with their skin within about 20 seconds. An intense burning sensation will be felt and a full infection will manifest if the victim isn’t treated immediately. The flesh will begin to take on a glassy-greenish appearance as it begins to crystallize; eventually internal organs will shut down as Tiberium extends rigid crystalline runners throughout the body. If the crystal is breathed in, then it will become embedded in the lungs. The ability to process oxygen will be lost as the lung tissue crystallises. Eventually the subject will hemorrhage to death. If the part of the body that is infected is amputated, the infected can be spared further infection.

It should be noted that the new Tiberium does not always kill its victims. As due to unknown factors, a human can survive contact with it and mutate, eventually becoming a human with superior strength and endurance, and the startling ability to repair bodily damage with Tiberium exposure. There is a chance of mental instability. Shunned by most other humans, they usually leave society facing the threat of murder and general distrust. Usually, the mutants die or join a mutant tribe, such as the larger organization of several mutant tribes, the Forgotten in their exodus.

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seems … interesting. Not sure I’ll join, I’ll see what’s happened when I get back from my trip.

What are the Forgotten?

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Sure thing. I’ve still got more lore stuff to put down, mainly the factions and what Tiberium is, but after that it’ll be ready to go.

Tiberium Mutants that have been outcast by society. They’re generally stronger and more resilient than a normal human, and are immune to the averse effects of Tiberium. They’ve banded together in the parts of the world so effected by Tiberium that they are unlivable by anyone not a mutant, though they can be found in the Yellow Zones as well. (Yellow Zones are places that have been infested by Tiberium, but they’re not yet unlivable)

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Why no bio if your a mutant?
Also, how does the mutation stuff work?

This seems super interesting, I might consider joining, we’ll see

Other way around, quantifiers are above. Though i should space it for clarity.

Long story short, exposure to the crystal called Tiberium causes various effects on humans. Usually it kills by radiation exposure, However, if you get it in you, you can be infected. Usually it kills the target, either transforming them into more of itself, or the growing crystals puncturing a lung or something similar.

Not for the faint of heart

However, a few are mutated, allowing them to live Symbiotically with the crystal, for a time anyway. It makes you stronger, faster, and you grow small crystals on your skin.


But over time you start to lose your mind and you appearance becomes more twisted and ragged.

And finally you just become mindless beast, to be put down like a rabid dog.

Is it possible to isolate the mutation? Like in a single body part, or is that not a thing?

Not really. You can try and cut off the limb, or go into sonic resonance treatment to break down the Tiberium to a certain level, but that’s about it.

It is a rather long-term process though, it takes about 20 years or so depending on your natural resilience to get to rabid dog stage.

Can you be mutated just by being around someone who is mutated or no?

Generally not, at least that’s been seen. They’re shunned and cast out anyway because no one really knows.

I’m going to be writing up a full thing on Tiberium now.

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Alright, I have a character concept, but I want to run it by before I commit to playing. What I’m thinking, is that my character is a scientist/gun for hire (specifically a sniper) who keeps an excessive amount of mutated humans, mostly the bestial type, though some less mutated ones as well. He performs experiments on them and tortures them to try and learn more about the process. His ultimate goal is to be able to mutate himself with the crystals to enhance his physical abilities while maintaining his sanity. He also uses some non-mutated humans in his experiments as well (hence why not all of his captives are completely bestial) so that he can learn how to control the crystals. What do you think?

Edit: okay, just get back to me when you can

Make him a scientist from before he was infected and you’re golden.

Also, humans aren’t the only mutants either, so there’s these as well:

EDIT: Done, all tiberium stuff down.

Wait, I didn’t say he was infected, although that would make him more interesting as that would mean he has a time crunch to get his research done. Hmm, I don’t know yet. I’ll get a character sheet going in a little bit.

I mean, either works, but do what you like!

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I can’t be bothered to get into the lore and worldbuilding of command and conquer. Too involved to just be thrust into. Otherwise, though, it looks interesting, and I probably would if not for that hurdle.


Fair enough I suppose.

Okay, so I did a little bit of research into the world a little bit more and I think I’m ready to make my character. I’ll edit this post with my character sheet.

Name : Viktor Kalkorav
Gender : male
Birthplace : Russia
Age : 26
Faction: the forgotten, but he mostly works for himself and for hire
Bonds, Goals, and secrets: it’s a secret
Personality : Viktor is a high energy, slightly insane man. He is driven crazy by the fact that he knows that he only has so much time before he no longer has his free will. He has been doing his research for a long time and irks him, as he feels like his time is slipping away. He is often agitated and angry, and snaps at anything nearby if it startles him, or if it interrupts him while he is researching or experimenting. He often breaks things when his experiments fail or when is research proves to be wrong. The one thing that calms him, and the thing he enjoys most, is using his sniper rifle. He has always felt like he is living on borrowed time, and so he wants to find a permanent solution.
Bio : from a young age it was clear that Viktor was a protege for the sciences, especially chemistry. By the age of ten he could identify the elements in a compound just by looking at it, and by age 16 he had created an entire chemistry lab for himself in his parents garage. However, is incredible intelligence came with a price. He had a heart disease that was slowly killing him. His heart disease caused him to have problems with anything athletic and he would sometimes spend days lying on their couch, unable to do anything but eat (barely), drink, and sleep. His parents were both scientists that worked at a lab in Australia to make bio weapons and other strange devices. He went to public school for a time, but once they learned about his heart disease when he was nine they pulled him out of school and started to home school him. Everything they threw at him he learned with ease, including a few other languages, including English and Latin. His mother is an engineer and his father is a biologist. His father also enjoyed hunting, and he taught Viktor from a young age to fire a gun, which he discovered he had a knack for as well, and when Viktor was a little older they would often go hunting together. When Viktor was 18, he joined his parents in their lab, as he had learned all they could teach him by then. When he was 20, his heart disease had taken a turn for the worst, and he was slowly dying. Unable to work in the lab and being told that he had, maybe, one year to live, he decided that something had to be done. He had heard about the mutation that Tiberium could cause, and had seen it, to some degree, in action due to a few of the experiments he had helped with in the lab, he figured he had nothing to lose. So he had his nurse take him in a wheel chair to the lab to see it one more time. Then, when he found the opportunity, he got out of his chair, and, with great difficulty, he made it to the chamber where they kept the Tiberium. He shambled into the chamber and touched one of the crystal directly, and he passed out. When he awoke, he was in a quarantine chamber in the lab with several of his colleagues in the room with Hazardous material suits on, performing various tests on him and keeping track of his vitals. He had survived the encounter, and his heart didn’t seem as week. He had successfully been mutated, as me the healing properties that the Tiberium had on mutants kept his heart disease at bay. However, the scientists of the lab wanted to use him as experiment fodder, and his parents didn’t want that, so they helped him to escape the lab, knowing the consequences that awaited them. Viktor was hesitant to leave them, but they insisted they’d be fine, so he left them. But he hadn’t gotten two miles when a critical failure occurred in one of the Tiberium machines in the lab and the whole thing exploded, irradiating the entire area and killing everyone in the lab. Seeing the explosion, Viktor went to see whether his parents had survived and what was left, but there were no survivors. He rebuilt what he could of the lab and began research on the mutation, becoming bitter because he had lost everything.
Now he has a lab with cages for his experiments and he has six Tiberium Fiends that he calls “The Hounds” that he releases on intruders and enemies. They don’t attack him, but they do t obey either, though they do like to stick around with him. He has a few other mutant assistants, but he doesn’t care for them much and often lashes out at them, sometimes even putting them in cages. He has his father’s old hunting rifle along with a more advanced sniper rifle that he uses for most of his things. Finally, he has a pistol for close quarters combat.
Level of Mutation: early

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he has a crystal spike coming out of his elbow that he sometimes uses as a weapon, is that alright?

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