Tie Crawler

I actually just had a realization of why the TIE Crawler set (not the moc) is called the TIE Crawler: it has treads. What is the only other vehicle (to my knowledge) in Star Wars that has treads? The Sandcrawler.


I guess that makes sense, though it’s a bit arbitrary.

Why did I expect a walking neck tie. Otherwise, great moc!



Very nice! The segmented legs create an unusually intimidating profile that’s unlike any other TIE variant I’ve seen. The colour blocking is fairly solid and you’ve done a good job with the cockpit. The flying mode also looks quite good. I also really like your in-universe backstory for this thing. A few suggestions:

  • Not sure how I feel about the yellow lights on the wings. Were you trying to replicate a specific design motif with them? If not, I’d recommend either removing them or changing them to trans-medium green for consistency’s sake.

  • As others have mentioned, the back of the cockpit could be rounded out some more. May I assume that you ran out of parts?

  • The little yellow plates on either side of the cockpit canopy seem a bit distracting. How about removing them?

  • Your photos seem a tad dark (which makes it difficult to make out some of the black detailing). I’d recommend experimenting with your camera’s settings (or a photo editor) in order to increase the brightness next time you take pics.

  • As I said, I like your lore. However, the singular wall of text is a bit hard to read at the moment. I’d recommend breaking it up into smaller chunks.

  • Finally (and this is a really minor lore quibble), I’m not sure how practical cockpit-mounted turbolasers would be. They would almost certainly create splash-back which would damage the cockpit and wing magnets whenever the pilot/driver attempts to fire them downwards while in landing configuration. If I were the Imperial engineer designing this, I would install laser cutters or mine-layers instead of turbolasers.

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Point one: I can remove the lights, no problem with that.

Point two: The blockyness was a holdover from a previous design that had an elongated
rear portion, that I decided was uneeded. I’ll see what I can to for a second version.

Point three: I’m on the fence about removing the yellow plates, as the slight hints of color are meant to evoke similar markings on the tie defender elite. I supose the issue is that I didn’t use enough yellow.

Point Four: The photos are the best that I can do with what I have. I’ll see what I can do, but I think that’s the best I can do.

Point five: I can break up the Wall of text, no problem there

Point six: Much appreciated, I’m not well versed on the lore of Star Wars weapons, I just used turbo lasers since I knew them to be a powerful ship to ship weapon. I’ll promptly switch out the weapons with the ones you described.

Interesting, I honestly wasn’t aware of that starfighter (I’m deliberately waiting until the fall to watch Rebels season 4). It seems as though the yellow/gold livery is unique to Vult Skerris and wouldn’t be used on any starfighters that weren’t built for him. If you want to continue with using the yellow colours, that’s fine. It has the potential to look pretty cool.

However, if you want to try to tie your new fighter into Star Wars canon, I would recommend using red highlights like the ones seen on Elite TIE Interceptors, other Elite TIE Defenders and the First Order Special Forces TIEs.

Turbolasers are indeed powerful ship to ship weapons. However, they’re so powerful that it would likely be suicide to use them at such close range.

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Reading this right after I finished the yellow Livery.


Eh, I’ll get a few pictures of that before I switch to red.


Was this inspired at all by Yoda’s starfighter from The Clone Wars? The color scheme and overall design are uncannily similar.

I didn’t think so…

No. Not really.

This looks amazing, awesome job!

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Eight to go!

I didn’t realise you’d been making custom TIE Fighters for so long, this one is very original. Sad that only one picture loads for me.

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Seven to go now. This moc looks really cool! Nice work

The Imperial tank in Rogue One has treads. You can see them in the scene where extremists attack it in the Jedha town square. A guy throws a sticky bomb onto the tread, breaking it and trapping the tank in the middle of the fight.

True, but to be fair, I don’t even get the point I was trying to make six years ago.


Both had crawler in the name?