TIGER BEAST and GORILLA BEAST=MaximusPrime Beast Wars Contest

Hello people.
So heres my verions for @MaximusPrime beast wars contest.
I know that the Gorilla is clutterd but yeah thats me :smiley: i also wanted to make him more like samurai or shogun in robot mode haha :smiley: i dont know just enjoy :slight_smile:

And here is Gorilla :slight_smile:

Light catans,heavy swords and shield

You can also add his catanas on his back and from heavy swords and shield make flying turret

Or ultra heavy clutterd thing :smiley: add everything on his back


Wow. These look absolutely amazing. I love the tiger! I How do theses transform?

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@MaximusPrime well the transformation is pretty basic.
For the Tiger its little bit tricky cause you need disconect front legs in tiger mode and just flip them for the arms and connect them into body :slight_smile: Also you need disconnect tiger head and connect it into his back.
Gorilla is even simplier cause you dont need to disconnect anything :slight_smile:

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Welp… I’ve lost the contest…


Well your entry was pretty good, though come to think of it, this came in after the deadline.

Flashback to Optimus Primal.

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Holy cow. These are impressive.

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@MaximusPrime yeah i forgot to mention that ive made this even before this contest starts so this topic is more like inspiring for people in the furute beast/transformers builds :slight_smile: my bad :slight_smile: I dindt even join into contest so yeah i totaly understand :slight_smile:

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These are just your Onua and Kopaka revamps.

They are still kewl, tho.

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On his youtube channel he posted thes exact things as Onua and Kopaka revamps. I think he changed the mask out on Onua, though.

The first picture had me. They’re both really good, there are minor problems scattered here and there but its nothing really big.
Oh what does bother me is Gorilla’s hands while in beast mode, gorilla’s have hands and walk on their knuckles famously.

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@DigitalDeath3321 It doesn’t matter because they were introduced as BIO-BEAST-FORMERS so is obvious that they are in BEAST WARS category :)I also said that every toa will have BEAST MODE.So it doesnt matter at all :)Read my description on my youtube first bro(Tiger Kopaka). But as i said im not enter the contest because it allready ended. :slight_smile: And ive build them in month or two ago so thats wouldnt be fair for others :slight_smile:

and last thing :smiley: yes TIGER was created from my Kopaka build but Onua was created from nothing that ive build before :slight_smile: But it doesnt matter from what you will build something :slight_smile: at least for me :smiley:

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Personally, I like the Gorilla better.
But both of these are great.

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@Toa_Distraxx thank you glad you like it :slight_smile: and yes gorilla is my FAV too :smiley:

Theses are awesome! I love the design! Also, haven’t I seen these guys on YouTube?

@decepticonaiden Yep :slight_smile: these are on my youtube chanel :slight_smile:

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Thought so!

Impressive size, not to mention a pretty decent transformation.

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@Hutere Thank you glad you like it :slight_smile:

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