Tiikoe the creature of gravity

First I just want to say, I’m aware yellow and blue aren’t gravity colours, but my lightning team are purple, and I’ve run out of purple parts, so Tiikoe and Raptor are yellow, just, be unique.
So Tiikoe (this specific one is a she for reference) is HEAVILY INSPIRED by Rakkar (Alpha) by Play Stippling, but modified much.

Sorry there’s not too many pictures, I didn’t know what to take a picture of!

She’s pretty fun loving and play full, but most of all curious!
Ok bye now she’s cute!
Action feature allows her to creep up on unsuspecting matoran and scare them.RAAWWRR!!


Not the biggest fan of the colors, but the build and stature are kind of charming.


A little too bright for my tastes, but it holds down a good look.

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A bit messy, but kinda cute.

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