Time to talk about League of Legends!

My favorites have to be Malzahar(gotta love space aids) and Zed currently

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Say Why dont we Make a Ranked Team for The Boards?

@MetaPower @Atomizer2020 @Ranaki_Pakewa @Zelohak What do you think

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That is a very cool idea

In fact that is an amazing idea
All who want to participate reply to this comment with your summoner name

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I’d be down for ranked. My summoner name is Frodos Huna.

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Should you create it if so its

Or should I Create it

Also Season 6 is coming

I’d be down for this although I’d probably have to create a new account. I havn’t played in such a long time and even back when I did play LoL, I sucked. But yeah, that’d be cool.

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Quick question

What Region are most of you

That is a good point, I’m EU west…

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Glad I am as well
So @Frodos_Huna and @Ranaki_Pakewa must be in another region

Yeah I’m in NA

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I’m in NA, and I can’t really play reliably, since my laptop’s wireless card is [censored].

Maybe once I’m finished building my desktop.

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I’m sp00ked by LoL.
runs away
######[also y’know language warning for the video y’know man right ok you know]


That Ban thing was Stupid since it was only until the 17 of September

also @Frodos_Huna, @Square @Hafynx
Look at this beauty

Handsome Jack is confirmed for new champ.

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Well we will know more tomorrow
But I made everyone
Feel like a Idiot saying his title is the Deadeye
Anyway then virtuoso sounds better

Please be a Mage or mid leaner of some kind… I’m desperate for one that looks as awesome as this!

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time will tell

But it would be nice for a CHAMP with a gun that is not ADC

Ive been playing League of Legends since Lulu Patch.

I am also the main editor on the League of Legends wiki page in terms of the lore, character info/trivia, images, videos…

I am called Tesla Effect inside the game (NA).

I main Miss Fortune, Quinn, Wukong, Veigar, Soraka, Heimerdinger, Fiora, and Rammus. (usually support and ADC is all I get so I play that the most, but am fine with any lane)

I dont care about ranked at all and just play this game cause its fun, and because of all the sweet lore.

I also like to do some fan stuff for League of Legends besides Bionicle stuff.


I once had a Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow facebook page (16.000 likes and all that), but I had no time do manage it all by myself and I started working on the wiki, which got a lot better in terms of content and appearance when I arrived and did my magic.

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Just a Game I played
we were going to lose