Time to talk about League of Legends!

It’s everyone’s favourite game, and now you can talk about it. I recently started playing LoL and I love it so now I want to make a topic about it. Anyone else play? ~Pyrox

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yeah, I play with my secret cult of friends in high school. It’s pretty fun.

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Nice. What’s your favourite character?

I usually use Ashe, as I am n00b and can really only play with her. =D

I see says the blind man. ~Pyrox

All my real life friends play League, all my online friends play Dota. That’s where I’m at right now.


Can I be your friend Kahi?

That might’ve been creepier than I wanted…

Defiantly was a little creepy. Dota? Yeah I don’t play it but I’ll probably get it soon.

In all honesty though, what’s the difference between the two?
Like, is there any concrete difference as far as gameplay goes, etc.

For me it’s the artstyle.
Dota 2 looks too dark which isn’t bad hurts when I look at it, as for league it has more color so It’s easier for me to play and adjust.

Varus, Zed > rest

I think LOL is a great game and the Burning Tides was great

One of my friends got me into League a few months ago. I’ve been playing Nocturne and Fiddlesticks. If anyone wants to add me on there, my name on there is something like “captranakipakewa”, “Ranaki Pakewa”, or “Ranaki_Pakewa”, I can’t remember which right now.

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A LoL page! Im a top and jungle main (generally playing gnar, Rek’sai and Irelia)
Nice to know there are others from the community here. I’m not ranked 'cos I dont play ranked games

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I mostly play Kha Zix, Kindred, Shen or Udyr for Jungle.
Ahri or Malzahar or Mordekaiser for mid.

VI, Gangplank, Kayle, Sion and Urgot for top.

Ashe, Bard or Karma for Support

Quinn, Jinx or Caitlyn for ADC

Riot have Changed Mordekaiser’s Title From The Master Of Metal (Which makes Sense that his Abilities are Names Heavy Metal Bands) to The Iron Renevant (…Really?..Is This a Joke?..)

@Ranaki_Pakewa, @Aeros @Atomizer2020 What do you think of this

I haven’t used him, or even knew about his Heavy Metal relations, so it doesn’t affect me much.

However, it is kinda a stupid change to make.

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I also Found out they Were Also titling him “The Lord Of Death”
Lot of Backlash though but his Original Title was Amazing

Also If you Want to add me My summoner name is “WhaddonCraig”

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I dont play much mordekaiser but that title sounds kinda lame compared to the older one.

Why are you even on this Topic Then if you don’t like League of Legends?

Also @Atomizer2020 what is you Favourite Champion

I was voicing my opinion in a slightly comedic way. Nothing wrong with that. I was still talking about it.

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