Time Travel in Time Trap?


I was just reading this topic regarding Krakua’s message to Vakama in Time Trap. I understand why you took an ambiguous stance on the subject, as time travel can be a bit confusing. However, upon reading it, I thought of something else. With all of the alternate universes existing in Bionicle, is it possible that the message was sent from an alternate universe?

My thought was that the timeline of this universe would not line up with the timeline of the main universe in the same way as other AU that we have seen. If the events of the main storyline, or even something similar to them, occurred in the past of that universe, it would require no time travel for Krakua to talk with Vakama. It would require communication between the two AU, something that we have not seen before, but the Kratana’s abilities seem similar.

Thank you for your time!