Times to Remember Teaser

Hello there!

I've got an announcement to make I'm gonna start a rather big project which hopefully will be done by the end of the year. So what is this project? you ask well you've might have heard of my miniseries Desktop Adventures(DA) well this project is going to be a more full-fledged series with more characters an underlying and consistent story in fashion to shows like Reviving Bionicle and Fables of The Multi-verse just to name a few.


As of now, the project is only in its concept face and still have a lot of things that need's work on. The series will follow Tarkur my self-moc and assorted mocs and sets from my collection on crazy wacky adventures. Unknowingly to them one of 8 beings bestowed with the knowledge to master-building has disappeared. Meanwhile, Tarkur and the others are faced with several challenges.

The series will consist of one 15-minute pilot episodes and five 10-minute episodes all leading up to a 20-minute finale...


Thanks for reading!


Gonna have to shut this down, as coming soon topics are not allowed on the boards. Just PM me when you've got things more fleshed out

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