Tinker: Modification Enthusiast

1 more Dark Hunter taken care of. Most notable thing I can say regarding him is that his design was inspired by the tech priests from Warhammer 40K.

Hulkari and the rest of his species were created by Mata-Nui prior to the great awakening, where the Great Being known as Velika bestowed true sapience to the Inhabitance of the Matoran Universe. From the beginning, Hulkari would have a fascination with body modification; this started innocently enough, replacement limbs for injured individuals, implants to improve physical attributes, etc. With time however, his experiments would become more eccentric and unwanted, and not just on his fellow islanders, but on himself as well.

Eventually, Hulkari would be banished from his home, being sent away where he would end up on the Southern Continent, where he would remain for thousands of years, improving upon his craft and providing modifications to those who could afford him, including various generals of the League of Six Kingdoms and those warlords which rose following the Leagues defeat. One day in-between experiments, Hulkari would be approached by a pair of beings from the south, who were looking for a region to call their own. Hulkari initally dismissed the pair as simple warlords, only to be enlightened to the nature of who the two worked for: a powerful warrior with aspirations of forming a mercenary organization known as the Shadowed One.

Intrigued by this, Hulkari requested to meet with the Shadowed One, who after some discussion he agreed to offer his services to and proposed a location for the organizations base: Hulkari’s homeland of Odina. After some months of travel, the fleet containing the original Dark Hunters would arrive on Odina’s shores and make quick work of its inhabitants, killing many, enslaving others, and forcing those few left completely off the island. Witnessing Hulkari’s technical talents being performed on the various slave, the Shadowed One bestowed on Hulkari the codename of Tinker.

Tinker would take this new name in stride, quickly going to work creating various new augmentations for the different Hunters, though many of these modifications would end up being brought upon by injuries the Shadowed One inflicted on his agents for failure or insubordination. Tinker would occasionally take on field work, typically accompanied by his various partners over the years, the latest of which being a particularly ferocious member named Butcher. These incursions would more often than not end with Tinker turning either their target or someone trying to protect the target into a lobotomized servant to either provide extra firepower or help Tinker bring back “materials”.

Tinker would be given a prime opportunity to test his skills on subjects with considerably more organic components when the Dark Hunters began their war with the Brotherhood of Makuta. This conflict would allow Tinker access to Kraata, who’s organic, antidermic nature was extremely fascinating to the scientist, who would through trial and error work out a way to apply some of the abilities the Kraata possessed to Dark Hunters and even managed to synthesize an artificial form of Antidermis which temporarily increased a being’s physical capabilities. Excessive use would prove fatal however, and the project was scrapped.

When the Order of Mata-Nui revealed themselves and entered into an alliance with the Dark Hunters, Tinker would be granted access to a variety of different strange technologies and chemical agents which he would employ in various new experiments with the aim of augmenting the various agents to make them more fit to counter the various agents and soldiers of the Makuta or creating new soldiers through the use of energized protodermis and various unwilling test subjects.

Due to Teridax’s takeover of the Matoran Universe, Tinker would choose to stay by the Shadowed One’s side, hiding in one of the Dark Hunters various secret bases throughout the Matoran Universe. It was during this time that Tinker would find himself helping his leader in working out the secrets of a stash of Makuta viruses the Shadowed One had uncovered on Xia. Tinker would soon be forced to evacuate the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna, where he set to work studying the new Bone Hunter and rock steed servants the Shadowed One had recruited.

Traits and Abilities: Tinker fancies himself a being of science, specifically to the fine art of bodily improvement. It just so happens that these modifications have a tendency to go far beyond what the recipient would have intended, and in some cases those who have been subjected to these modifications often end up worse for wear. With that said Tinker does have his limits, mainly that if the Shadowed One requests for something to be done, Tinker will find it in himself to air on the side of practicality. This isn’t out of fear for his leader though, but respect for the one who gives him the opportunity to perform his experiments in a safe environment.

Tinker possesses a number of built-in weapons and gadgets. His left arm has a large saw built on it, while his right arm has been completely replaced with a large rotating pincer. He also wields a stun pincer attached to an artificial arm and an arm mounted rhotuka launcher which fires paralysis rhotuka. His optics are equipped with Akaku shards allowing him to scan his patients for “internal injuries”.


I like him a lot nice use of the metu heads as shoulders looks innocents cause of the color set but definitely isnt haha

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I quite like the use of the Mata torso as a head. This whole robot character just looks really cute and charming IMO…


I love how much of a mish mash of parts he is. Looks crazy while somehow not being a mess.

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The backstory is really interesting, the moc is messy but there’s a reason for it.

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