Tiny Rex

Minifigure-scale version of the set. More accurate to proportions and size than any other LEGO T rex.

C&C appreciated.


yu didnt bild dat

This is actually really great. The shaping seems quite nice as far as lego goes, although maybe the angle of the torso in relation to the back legs is slightly off. All that is really minor, though. The one thing I would change is the coloration on the legs. Maybe switch the placing of the the dark brown and the light reddish brown. Intuitively it seems like that would look better, but I can’t completely visualize it so maybe I’m wrong.


The shaping is really good, I feel like the legs kind of stick out at the top with dark brown semi-dome pieces. But I think it’s pretty solid for what it is, really impressed with the head design. Also this would make for a pretty good and affordable T-Rex.

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ok but what about cheesasaurus rex?


very nice.

This is really nice. The tops of the legs are a little bulbous, the area above the arms on the sides sticks out a bit too much, and the arms themselves feel too short, but otherwise it’s a great downsize and a great dinosaur on its own.



The one on the left is me when I start looking at the Hagah Canon Contest topic; the one on the right is me when I see the thicc memes.


I too quadruple in size and gain a tongue when I see thunderthighs pouks


Cute. Just adore those arms

Amazing! 10/10
Edit how are the eyes done are they painted?

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Take a close look at the middle picture.

If you do, you’ll notice my photography skills are slightly improved.

I’m a purist, so the explanation that they’re actually cut flex tube is a bit complex. I don’t modify parts unless they’re already damaged beyond the point of their intended use, and this yellow flex tube was. Pretty badly, actually. There was almost nothing left worth cutting on it.


Don’t get me wrong. Me likey this Moc and it certainly is nicer than the oversized set. But I have some queries: firstly any way it can not have the trans bricks holding it up? Surely there’s a problem with center of gravity if it’s the same proportions as a T-Rex yet can’t stand like one. Or perhaps it’s a proportions problem idk. Second the big teeth kinda give it a cave man look-that’s not necessarily a bad thing and I doubt there’s a way to insert more small 1x2 teeth.
Overall nice Moc, I like that the tail can bend yet doesn’t have hideous gaps, also I love the 2x4 slope piece on top of the legs-it’s not particularly special usage but I just like the piece and it fits well.

why have I given such a long piece of feedback, I will never know


A real T Rex had an extremely heavy tail to deal with the majority of its body mass being at the front end of its hips. However, I am using average-weight LEGO pieces which do not conform to anatomical characteristics and so, do not possess the desnity of muscle and fat necessary to balance this little guy out.

The large T Rex set has massive amounts of empty space inside its body to compensate the balance, and wide, solidly built feet and legs whereas mine are arched a bit further back than they should be. A compromise I’d like to find a way to work out, but I’ve gutted as much of the inside as I can. Most everything inside is essential in keeping it together and looking accurate, especially with the head.

Sadly, no there isn’t. I went with those teeth out of desperation for having the jaw fit properly; due to the differing height of the teeth on the tile it allows the jaw to fit at the exact correct angle that it should.