Tiowahi, Toa of Ice

This is Tiowahi, my first serious attempt at making MOC that is clearly made to resemble a woman. It ain’t anything special, but I kinda like her. Ice was always my favorite element in Bionicle while I grew up, but as an adult returning to the theme, I have not completed a single MOC with ice as the element. So this is both a premiere for ice and women among my MOCs. Yay for inclusion.

The construction of the MOC was pretty fast and free from drama, completed in maybe 2 sittings during two days. It is surprisingly steady, considering the inclusion of the very stereotypical heels, and has a pretty “Toa-like” size. I like how the weapons and shield can be stored at her back at the same time, and that they can all be carried at the same time, as the shield attach to the wrist.

Now that I look at the MOC, I start to realise that the pearl dark gray armor on the body is placed in such a way that it looks like a bikini. I guess you can call it a Bionikini. Eh? Eh? I suck. Still don’t think it makes the MOC look overly sexualised, so that’s a good thing. Also, the Kopaka Nuva shield piece is really old and have spent about 6 years in an attic, so it has gotten quite a bit yellowed, and it has some scratches. Just wanted to make that clear.

So tell me what you think, this is in my head an alright MOC that may or may not stay assembled. Still deciding if I like it enough. As always, constructive comments are welcome, always enjoy reading what you have to say!

The worst thing about this MOC is that the SW shoulder bewbs keep falling off. So yeah.


I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t make the front page. Good job.

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now this is a really good looking Female Toa of Ice Moc, I like Her! I also like how the dark gray armor on the body really does look like a bikini.

all in all, you do a good job with Her!

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In all seriousness though this is a great moc

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The lower arms are weirdly shaped, but for the most part, great job. The mask choice could have been better, but I can’t think of anything else to put instead

This is pretty well designed, good job!

its good but its abdomen is a little awkwardly slim