Tips To Start MOCing

I recommend reading through this topic for starters. :slight_smile:

iv'e read through it wasn't much help

Alright. First of all, it's best to break building down into steps (just like any major project) so as to not get bogged down. What part of your MOC would you like to build first?

Start 1 part at a time. Feet- lower legs- thighs- waist- torso- etc.

I mean really theres no right way per say of moccing, just go with what feels cool. If using head pieces as shoulder pads gives the moc a nice flow then figure out a way to put the mask on the shoulders. As for CCBS I mainly use the the armoir shells, usually 4 or 5 on custom limbs. You don't actually need to make custom limbs for a Moc to look cool, its just that usually making a custom limb gives you opportunities to fill in gaps and put in extra details that the CCBS limbs dont usually let you. Anyway thats all I've got to say, this topics got pretty good advice already.


@legomaster1378 i usually start with feet but i get stuck at the waist as i build up i don't have a clue how to make a torso at least a custom one

and i prefer G1 pieces

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Sometimes it helps to focus on an interesting part and think up ways it to use it outside of its intended purpose. The worst thing a moccist can do is say an element is worthless and toss it back into the parts bin.

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I've found that Glatorian necks/Hordika necks are really useful to make custom torsos. As for armour, Bohrok shields and flat foot pieces are pretty useful.



Half of my MOC's are just glatorian necks strung together with armor stuck on it.


Have you got a pic of one of your MOC skeletons?


Not on me right now. but if any of you remember Darclex, his upper torso is a liftarm holding together three Glatorian necks.

(it would have been four, but custom heads yo)

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Personally, I've never copied anything intentionally from a previously published MOC, and I see no need to do so. Others may, and I won't discourage it, but I hate the idea of copying anything in Lego.

Revise, revise, revise. Before I publish anything, I've already revised the MOC at least two or three times. Always try to reach a bit higher.

System is great, if used sparingly. Check out 75121 Imperial Death Trooper for an example of a set that does this well.


i know about the glatorian necks but i don't have bohrok shields besides the one the stars included

Alright. I recommend trying gather as many thin/low profile parts as possible to make the torso. Try looking at other BIONICLE MOCs around the web for inspiration.

you mean pieces like skrall and toa metru armour?

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Those are pretty good; they can just be tricky to incorporate sometimes due to their unique shapes.

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i'll look some more

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I want to start mocing but I just need to sort my part. But when I try to I just get bored. Also I don't know where to start with mocing.


Have you made MOCs before? or is this going to be your first time? if it is the latter, then just try to do upgraded normal stuff, and upgrade that, then upgrade that, and keep upgrading until you have learned to make fully custom stuff. you don't need to start out huge, just do what you feel like doing and we will help direct you to get better.


I find it quite astonishing that many people, although being fans of Bionicle or Lego for a while, haven't really invested much time in moccing, instead keeping their sets as-is out of the box for whatever reason. When I was a kid, messing around with, and customizing would almost be my first impulse after getting a set. It never occured to me as a "decision" like, "i'm gonna start moccing" as this topic implies, it was always a natural progression for me (and I think this notion is what Lego advocates for)... just throwing that out there :stuck_out_tongue: