Tips To Start MOCing

Yep those are good pieces,

Do you have a topic for it or moc pages?

Use system. It looks good and uses 0% CCBS or Technic.

No, you can make good Mocs without CCBS, it's just a lot easier to get consistent textures with CCBS.


I mean I like the effect system has but I don't like the sleek look of bricks (Same with ccbs), I would use technic but I'm meh at custom builds.

Start simple, then move to more complex builds.

I personally don't like CCBS because I (unjustly) feel like it's too simple (I feel kinda racist toward CCBS, but I try to change my mind). Every time I give it a go, I feel like my MoC didn't gen enough effort put into it. However, CCBS will always look at least okay. I mean, you can't go wrong with a skeleton covered with single-colored armor. Once you have the basics, try replacing limbs with custom ones, like bionicle 2016 Toa. always try new things, and eventually, your designs will be more complicated and look more complex and cool.


Mind connection points- structure comes first.

Mind colors used- use what looks good together and try to balance it throughout in a way that looks good.

Mind shaping- ask yourself if the pieces you're using make sense for what it is you're trying to build. Fill in gaps where applicable, create curves, textures, motifs, flat sections, develop a silhouette. Make it cool.

Above all three of those though, have fun with it. Enjoy the process. It's meant to be fun. So by all means, have fun.

I'm not gonna try and pretend I'm the best MOCist out there, but I'd say come up with a design that you like, and start experimenting with other parts that could fit onto it.


I like smajdor's advice the most, my style is ussing feet for other things and using maks on the front of the feet.

I would recommend making somthing that you like then look at pictures of cool bionicle stuff then Upgrade then more and more and try not to fall into my pit where I see really good stuff and think I'm bad at building everyone has a style and go with your ideas


This is my problem too. Not so much that I'm bad at building, but I don't want to make it a carbon copy


I feel inadequate compared to dudes like calanlof kylernuva people like that
P.s I'm working on getting the second pic up but I'm having trouble


If it makes you feel better

Nobody's perfect

My group of friends casually roasts "popular MOCists" every day


He's not lying.


imo those two aren't even that good


Callan Is popular, but in all honesty, his MOCs aren't that great...


Okay, I've read a lot of what other people have said, but here's my addition: don't be afraid of what the piece is. By this I mean, just because it's a foot doesn't mean you have to use it as a foot. Use masks as shoulder pads and torsos as legs!! My self-MOC, Norcon, uses feet for his upper arms. That's where the build originated, then I moved forward from there. Another MOC I have uses Metru-Nui torsos for his upper legs. It's a staple of my style at this point.

Additionally, don't get caught up in small details. The MOC is going to rely on its basic construction far more than it will its embellishments. Focus on the model and structure, then make it pretty. Prettier?

Don't confine your MOCs to Toas or humanoid characters!! Venture out and try building a quadroped, or a two legged creature with small arms. Make your own heads for these beasts, give them character! Make them oppose your heroes or your villains!

And of course, as trite and truth go, be sure first and foremost you're enjoying your creations and having fun building them. This is far more important than any praise on the Internet for it. If you like what you built, nothing else should matter.

Build on, kid.


Well... I'm probably a little late with this but heere is my advice when doing female mocs. Make the torso slim And go for a sleeker look in armor plating. This will make the moc look feminine without implying "hey let's take a female's details and place them on a moc! "

aka, overly pronouncing the 'curves' of a moc... don't make it look overly human!

When building a Moc that is intended to be a beast, (monster) you should consider focusing on a really cool detail that will separate it from other beasts. Try a custom head or tail.


When I make mocs I just look for what ever I find in my bins, Grab all the pieces I need, and I think of something, But after all of the thinking, your on to making your moc, Now first you need ideas, "What ideas?" well try making a custom torso, Fat skinny, tall or short, its never a bad idea to start with the torso.

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I agree. The torso is sort of the "central" part of the MoC, and doing it first can also give you a good idea of what the rest of the MoC should look like.

I'd also like to share some of my advice for limbs. Limbs (especially arms) are always the hardest things to build for me, and something I've realized is that you should always try to find ways besides liftarms (wow autocorrect wanted to turn that into "migrants" XD) to form the main structure of the limbs. Otherwise, you really restrict your armor placement and shaping, and it can turn out gappy as well.


i don't know what to do i'm never satisfied with anything I build. plz halp!