Tips To Start MOCing

anyone have advice on making a Fallout styled PipBoy

all the system.

@legomaster1378 meant upper, but lower CAN work if done in the right way. I've seen some good examples, and the unsightlyness of open ball joints is a matter of perspective/opinion in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

@SilentPhantom You could use some painted tires as the dials and some joints as the part that wraps around your arm.

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oh I ment making a pip boy for a figure like this


Dang, the one you've got right there looks pretty darn good.

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The gear works really well...


I am inspired by your words. LET THE WORLD KNOW OF YOUR WORDS OH WISE ONE!!!!

what if I did do so, but one arm could use a Brutaka foot as a shoulder pauldren armor piece and the other could use a Lord Of Skull Spiders trans red gurders for a pincer or claw?

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I've been MOCing for about a year, but since I've literally been working on a single MOC this whole time, I'm about as new as you are. However, I'll share what I can:

•Use the Vitruvian Man as a guide. I recently started using this and it is super helpful on MOC proportions.

•Always see what others are building. Even look at Moc building tutorials. You don't need to copy what you see, but use it as inspiration.

•Never be shy to ask for help. (Oh you already know this step. Good job!)

•The color wheel is your friend.

•When you pick a theme, don't base your moc off one example. Look at MANY examples and see what sticks.

•Always experiment. Even if it doesn't look like a piece for a leg, it could be.


I do this, but then find it had to think of something original.

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You can do both. I do.

My mocing style involves using a ccbs frame and adding to it with technic and bionicle. It's an incredibly flexible system that works really well.

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Something I think might be helpful in order to "learn" to use pieces in different ways is trying to copy an artwork.

Just look at some bionicle stuff deviant artists draw and try to recreate them in reality.
Or try to recreate a videogame character: Dark Souls mobs and bosses, for example.

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On that note l, I find it extremely fun to try and replicate the transforming trick weapons from Bloodborne. It gives me a lot of practice making cool custom weapons using Technic while adding functionality.

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does anybody have tips to make a MOC look less cluttered?

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Work to maintain consistent motifs and textures. Take a good hard look at the pieces at your disposal and try to group them by overall shape and look (smooth, angular, jagged, piston-y). Then try to use only one or two types of textures on your MOC, making sure to balance them out evenly. Balancing colours is also vitally important.

Sweet gunmetal Pakaris BTW!


Awesome! Deffo gonna try this out.

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I want to start mocing but I don't know how to start. I'm not very good with using technic pieces and my parts are not sorted. The only pieces I have in large quantities are normal bionicle pieces and CCBS pieces. I would love to make mocs but it seem had to do since I blank out when I make one. Can someone help me that wold be appreciated.

Just start building something random to help you think of ideas. It helps alot, at least for me.

I'd recommend you just use a ccbs or bionicle skeleton build and add things on to it. That's what I did And you can see where that's taken me.

Is it possible to even make a moc these days without using ccbs? (without making it look garbage.)


Depending; my makuta revamp looks good and the only Ccbs on him are 2 friction extenders.
Crusader; just go into my profile and search my topics for makuta 2003 revamp. For some reason I can't paste the link.