Tirak the toa of gravity

Well this is tirak my self MOC. He is a weapons specialist but also a battle strategist.



IS this your first moc?

I guess the only downsides I can ssay is the hip connection, any open sockets/balljoints, and some parts of the colorscheme, but DANG that's a nice moc. Looks like Lockdown or some other awesome bounty hunter/Mercenary



Looks pretty cool, although some of the joints don't flow quite well and he has a number of exposed balljionts. Surprised to see the Beast foot works as armor.

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Dang he's cool! I like the ammo belt.

Btw I'm 14.

When I saw this I misread as Tirek.
Pretty cool.

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This is my self MOC and his team. From left to right,fernak,loraxis,my self MOC tirak,overcharge and piera. Piera is the only female on the team.


if it makes you feel special, I saved this in my gallery because it looked so cool...

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Open balljoints, open sockets, Black colour scheme... upper leg to body connection looks like string of nudles...

Overall I give Itskinndacoolyetneedsomeiprovements/10 wolf

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Shout-out to making a Fenrek expy a member of your team.

The others look okay, but not as well done as your selfMOC. Might want to give them a more substantial critique at some point.


he reminds me of the olden days of the Ekorak MOC


Back when he was titanic and lanky?

Now this looks awesome. I love the size of the MOC. I think it adds on to the whole thing.