Tired of Lariska mocs yet?

If so, too bad! I’m throwing my hat into the ring too! Here we have Lariska #5,697!

I put a lot of effort into making her. She’s entirely buildable - there are no clips, no custom parts, no custom colors. The only thing you’d need to change to build her are her eyes.

The head was one of the most difficult parts. I wanted to do something I haven’t seen before, and I figured a Rahkshi head would work quite well. The issue was, I also wanted to give her hair. So I needed to find a way to fit both eyes and hair in a Rahkshi head. I think that what I decided on works fairly well. I especially like the chain hair I gave her.

And here’s the obligatory shot with Nidhiki. Unfortunately I can’t have her standing over Hakann’s body since I can’t build Hakann digitally.

Please, let me know any feedback you have! And also how to attach the build file, I can’t figure it out.

Nevermind, Jerminator showed me how. Here it is


TTV doesn’t allow attachment of that file type. You’ll have to host the file elsewhere (such as in a Google Drive) and then post a link to it here.