Titan MOC: Kroza, the Broken

Kroza was once a young bounty hunter, who was never respected amongst his peers.

The constant neglect and hatred he received from bounty hunters stronger than him, drove him to a lust for power.

In his search for power, he came to a dark individual. This person, who called himself Drovix, promised Kroza unimaginable strength, all Kroza had to do was swear his allegiance to him.

He did, and the lord of shadow granted Kroza’s wish…but it came with a price.

Kroza’s body began to mutate. Painfully, his bones cracked and stretch. New flesh, bone and metal filling in the gaps, spikes jutting out of his armor.

Kroza had become a monster, one who would now do whatever deeds his master commanded.

Kroza gained all the strength he was promised, and more. But he sacrificed his freedom in the process.

Now a slave to Drovix’ will, he would use his strength to further his master’s goals, eliminating any who stand in their way.

Even the lords of Okoto will likely be no match for his awesome power.

And if they do fail, who will save Okoto, who will save this world?

With the dramatic story aside, I think he came out wonderfully, he’s massive, bulky, imposing, and not very gappy.

If you’re interested, here’s Kroza’s video on YouTube:

Thank you for your time and feedback.

NOTE: At a natural upright stance, he stands at exactly 11 inches, an inch and a half shorter than the General Grevious set, so he’s a titan. (Yay me)


Certainly hope he doesn’t look like a nice person.

Bad jokes aside, thank you.

Looks pretty cool, much better after the transformation.

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The normal form was an afterthought I did quickly for story sake. And thank you.

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Could maybe stand some more trans-purple by the looks of it, but the rest looks great.