Titan MOC (WIP)

This one…oh boy this one… This WIP has been going on for 2 years I keep picking it up and putting it down not sure what im going to do. but now that im actually motivated to complete and polish this guy I can finish this project

The legs are just placeholders as of right now. And the waist…ugh so much work to do.

Name suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I was going to name him sentinel, but every other MOC in the world has that name so I was like nah.

The only thing I don’t intend to change on this MOC is the giant gear on his back (that’s what powers him). But yeah I just wanted to put him up so I could get some good before and after stuff going on as well as feedback and suggestions.

If you didn’t notice he’s supposed to have an old gear-like motif.

Can’t wait to get this guy finished. I’m taking him to the cutting floor next weekend when i can actually focus on him and him alone.

Tear him up guys! :smiley:


It’s very gappy but from a far away view it looks fine. Any ideas on his head?

I’ve never been good with custom heads but im going to do my best haha

(meaning I have no clue)

How about The Monolith?

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Ooooo maybe!

he oddly looks sorta Pacific-Rim-ish

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This looks really cool!

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Huh. I never noticed it till you pointed it out. He does kinda.

How about ziarath prime

Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Good name m8 i r8 8/8

Looks epic!

I actually like the look of the legs, maybe refine them a little and fix his ovearall gappines.

oh my thats an amazing looking bottle :wink: oh the moc looks great too :yum:

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The Hands Look Kind of to Big I suggest to size them Down,
And a you should Call him Te Whakamoti (Devastation in the Maori language)

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Hm interesting name. I like the sound of it