Titan Takanuva toa of Twilight revamp

Note: This is a heavily modified version of someone else’s build that I recreated into a completely different build course their version was a golden Takanuva. I’ve always liked this version growing up mainly because of the idea of a Titan toa. Takanuva was My favorite growing up as a kid and was thinking of upgrading it for a while now and these pictures are to show what I’ve done to improve on the model. It has full poseability newer upgraded hand designs with articulated fingers and the last picture is a side by side of shatore the Toa of shadows/Red Star zombie hunter.

Which I’ll be posting update pictures of it tomorrow.


I’d like to see it without a filter, it obscures some of the details


Trust me it’s better with filter you won’t be able to see the details without it. My phone is a piece of junk.

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The lance looks really nice, the “claw” feature is neat.