Titanosaurus WREX

Titanosaurus, here to wreck havoc on the message boards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Highres on my Flickr
Any comment is appreciated.


So craggy looking, but adorable! :3

Quite creative, and an exceptionally concistant color scheme!

He looks great! I Like the use of zamor spheres as eyes and shadow traps as feet! Very creative part usage!

Wrong. This is a Titanosaurus


But anyway, I love this guy


I love the feet and I don’t know why.

GG, mate. This is awesome.

I do believe the name is meat to be a pun.

I wonder what the eyes are made of.

This is astounding, such a beauty to the eyes, from the way you used certain parts to just how well every thing comes together.

@Rac I do believe you have never heard of a joke

Unorthodox builds always get on my good side.

Looks like they’re just blue zamors.

Aww It’s cute😀.

Wow that is cool. I love the design techniques, an interesting use of that takanuva mask

######Just by the profile pic, I request a transistor themed moc

This looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Everything flows together nicely on this MOC, though he needs to wipe his chin.



The shaping here is pristine and I like the zamor eyes.

@Mrblackpants This thing started right from these feet. Wanted to build something original out of them before everyone figured this out. At least I don’t remember any builds with feet like that.

@TheMoltenKing hehe, yep, double the pun! :^P

@Zelohak I’m working on it. Like, a couple of months already.

@Rac It gives him the brutal savage look he has!

And yeah, THANK YOU all, guys! Been on this board a while ago, never thought it’ll become so active as it is now. I guess I should hang here for a while.