Title changes

Since getting back my ‘Master’ badge I’ve realized I can no longer change my title, or if I am it’s still displaying ‘Regular’ when I view it.

I don’t know if this is either a small glitch, or if it’s purposelyy set up like this.

Either way thanks for any answers and/or help!

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I've noticed this, too.

once a regular, always a regular


It looks like Mods and Admins still have the power to change your title, so I don't know why you can't if you have the ability to. We'll look into it.


Ah, thanks mate! Hope it’s just a small glitch or whatever!

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If you're referring to the inability to change your title to 'Master', I think that the Boards are still set up that it displays 'Regular' instead of 'Master".

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Ah, that might explain why it's been either removing it or resetting it to 'Regular'.

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Yeah for mine it won’t even update to master...

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I like being regular.

When I was an admin I was able to change the titles for the entire site from Regular back to Master, so it must've changed back for some reason; probably an update.

So it is possible for an admin to change it back.