Fourth member of the team aaand the squad’s all done
i may be adding more members to it in the future but i’m good for now

Also the team needs a name,anyone can help?

C&C still appreciated


What do they do? Whats their objetive?

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they’re supposed to be sent around the world to find and destroy a bunch of escaped robots(the MAMs)


The… AELC team, dunno, Im sure you will come up with a great name, anyways

The group photo looks awesome

How about Stalkers, or Acechadores, something between those lines would fit

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idk,i wanted something that isn’t an acronyme for once
thanks for the idea,thought

Yeah maybe
i also thought like
something pretentious like Saviors of humanity or sovreigns of tomorrow or idk


Why do they look so creepy though.

The Backstabber Squad?

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what about the robo racists/s


Just Sovreigns sounds pretty good.

Onto the MOC, this is amazing! The clothes looks like real leather (well they probably are) and the detail is great! There’s just a giant crack on the side of the skull that’s bothering me.

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Name: the clay mans.

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this looks more like a meme than a face

name ideas:

Martyrs of Fate
Nightlock 4
The Mockingbirds

The Dank Meme Team


Droid Hunters?

Alternatively- the Tough Customers

I don’t really like the face, but the rest is really well done, maybe not so much the hands.