TLOM (Nibiru update) (sneakpeek too)

you seen the head well its time to see how far i come with Nibiru

just got the arms to do and you can have the whole range of pictures.

so the sneakpeek the title says well yesterday i posted a topic explaining some stuff

it also says what type of heads to use and here aer the head shots for the said character in the explanation

@Omega_Tahu said to use the Tahu mask

@Calebmar12 said to use the pohatu mask

and @squeaverking said to either use the gail mask or the kopaka mask


Safe to say that both of my suggestions weren't as good as I thought they'd look.

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I'd go with the Pohatu mask.

So for Nibiru, he looks cool but doesn't really communicate darkness to me with how vibrant the blue and purple are.

As for the masks, I'd recommend the Mask of Stone.


Pretty much this.

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This is the most beautiful monstrosity I have ever seen.

With Nibiru i think it needs to have more black, and take away the silver, as the silver sorta takes away from the whole shadow thing

The shaping in Nibiru's torso looks incredible so far, but the arms look meh so far.

As for the head, Phatu's mask works the best IMO.

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The blue forces me to think of the guy as a cosmic entity - not something that would really scream shadow. But it looks fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

well he is a cosmic entity but he can concentrate his power to make him solid

I'll have more on the subject when i build his rival Celestral

The whole thing looks awesome! (I think it need more purple in the stand area, though)

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I would say my boy tahu is the best