Toa Ahkmou

Hey yall!

Backstory: When Teridax was killed, he transferred the last of his life force Into Ahkmou, hoping to control his body.
This transformed Ahkmou into a toa. However, Ahkmou struggled with Teridax possesing him, but was helped to clear his darkness by Takanuva.

Weapons/Tools: Energy hammer, Cordak blaster.
Mask: Great kanohi Rau.
Element: Stone.

Just chillin.

Back and front shots.

Size comparison with an av-toran build.

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Thats it, i guess!
Constructive critisism appreciated.


I really like his design! The color scheme looks very good to me, his hammer looks cool, though it could look better in another color. that trans-orange doesnt look so good to me,but i know, you had not another choise. there is no better color for the tridax pod. But i really like this MOC!

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First off, the concept of a Toa Ahkmou, even tho is very commonly used, is always very interesting. However, Ahkmou joining the Order of Mata Nui and actually becoming a good guy seems out of character for him.
But onto the moc: The over all moc is a pretty simple build, but I guess it fulfils its job. I don’t like the colour scheme, tho. Too much light grey. I would change it with brown or black, but especially with brown, because you know… He is a Toa of Stone, and the Stone beings are brown, and this thing don’t have enough brown in it. There are also blue and red pieces that disturb the colour scheme.
The build of the torso seems good. The arms however are weird. They remind me of a Toa Hordika. But this should not be a Toa Hordika so… But one thing I don’t like at this moc is that it is pretty short. It’s legs are stubby, the torso is too short, and the arms are gigantic. They are just too long for the whole moc.
And now the backstory. As I said, the Toa Ahkmou concept is pretty neat, but I don’t really think it fits in this case. Why did he joined the Order of Mata Nui? Because Takanuva helped him to kill Teridax once and for all? And why did he joined the Order? Takanuva is not part of the order, mainly because there is a rule that no Toa can become a OoMN agent (well except for Helryx and Krakua). So unless this rule is deleted, and everybody suddenly trusts Ahkmou (which nobody would, knowing the bad things he have done), he can’t become an agent.
Over all, nice first attempt for the first version of the self-moc.

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His torso is great, and his hammer is cool, the black mask just kind of sticks out. I think there’s a story reason behind it, but in terms of the MOC it just doesn’t really fit to me. The Cordak Blaster is a nice addition, and the asymmetry works quite well!

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Some very interesting points you bring up here!
First of all, i changed him to a good guy so that he can try to redeem himself for all the things he has done.
Second of all, i agree he has too much silver, i had very little brown to work with.
You think he is a little short, but i was going for the compact and bulky look, and only his cannon-arm is huge.
Now that you say it, the Order thing is pretty wierd, do you have any suggestions?

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Why would he suddenly want to become a bad guy. Remember that the Battle of Bara Magna is happening shortly after Ahkmou is ruling upon Metru Nui as the new Turaga. And you know… While he was ruling the city he was acting like a dictator. So why would he suddenly want to become a good guy?

Well the compact and bulky look doesn’t really remind me of a Toa. You can make him taller, and still have him bulky.

Well he could just remain a bad guy that tries to make himself an empire, so he ally with the other surviving bad guys (dark hunters, skralls, etc.). He becomes an actual threat and the Toa try to stop him.

Well, the reason i sent him to be a good guy is that there are a LOT of edgy Toa of Shadow Ahkmou mocs, and i wanted to make something different

Well Ahkmou would not turn into a Toa of Shadows, but into a Toa of Stone.

Yeah, but you get my point, right?

Right, although it doesn’t really make much sense story-wise.

I like the evil look

As much as you may like the character, you can’t use a canon character as a self-MOC. That’s not how the concept works. (You’re free to make your self-MOC be pretty similar, though.)

The MOC itself is alright, nothing too bad, but nothing too great either. Not too sure about the asymmetrical arms, and I would think the whole of the thigh armor should be similar, but given you’re working with the minimal amounts of brown that exist I’ll give that a pass. Or you could make the arm armor all brown and have the Hordika torso be the only silver element, which could look cool.


I enjoy the simplicity of this build, it’s honestly a tad nostalgic. Nice work! Though I do agree with Hawkflight.


perhaps Ahkmou realized that Teridax had fooled him and realized the error of his ways and is currently on a one way street to redemption

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