Toa Ahura (A Toa Team)

This is my Toa team that is almost is not made by me :stuck_out_tongue: It includes my self MOC and many other people who are my friends. I will upload a group shot when I am finished my Toa team and I would occationally update this post when I come with a backstory.

C&C appreciated

Toa: Wātau
Element: Time

Toa: Werahi
Element: Lava

My friend built the limbs and I built the torso.

Link Coming Soon

Toa: Waiuru
Element: Jungle

Post next or next next week

Toa: Rapura
Element: Space

Toa: Ngaru
Element: Water

Toa: Hukare
Element: Ice

Toa: Atara
Element: Shadow


It would be good if you took more pictures.

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@Chilly_Productions yes I do have more pictures on my self MOC page. I believe I linked it below the MOC images.

why not first writing and taking all the pics then create the topic?

I am not home yet. I need to go back home!!! Boredom is destroying me. So might as well make this post a few hours early. Well time to write back stories…

Sees cape
Oooh. I like this.


@Aegyptiacus Search up Toa Watau? Funny thing is, I am not even finished the post and already people are commenting XD

Yay update! :smiley:

As you all should know, I am building and uploading the MOCs inorder so my next MOC should be my friend’s. Its Waiuru. I should be able to upload him this or next week. Remember that I have school. I think he made his backstory already so he should be ready next week.

It looks alright from what I can see, but some pictures in regular lighting could help

Yea, but I just took the pictures and it is night time. I am sorry for the poor picture quality. Now that I think about it, I think that the shade makes it look cool?