Toa Ahurewa/ Grasere

Name: Grasere
Host Name: Ahurewa
Species: Great being
Host species: Matoran/Toa
Age: Unknown
Element: Light
Host Origin Universe: Melding Universe
True Origin Universe: Prime magnian Universe

“You’re a Hunter Artillery, You know that to catch your prey you must become like your prey, such is what I have done, I have become like my brother so that I may capture him before he makes things worse than they already are.”

Seen with his host body’s Alternate Universe Counterpart.

Artillery: Doesn’t look like they appreciate Our company!

Ahurewa: Indeed.

Grasere weilds The same hammer he used During the core war
The following Statement is taken from Hunter 34055858494850/ Artillery.
Q: what do They want?

A: I don’t know much about what Grasere wants all I am aware of is that he is searching for his brother Who has apparently taken on a form similar to that of his. I have suspicions to whom this may be but am unable to share them due to C.O.T.M regulations.

Q: why did you feel the need to ally yourself with Them for a short time?

A: They’re a Great being They practically made me! You expect me to dismiss a vision from what is essentially My father?

Q: so you received a Vision?

A: “Holy Frick you were listening! Look I’m done with this I’ve got an Assignment.” Artillery Activates his Gauntlet’s Projector “Oooh interesting, A Rouge Agent.”

Q:I’m not done asking Questions.

A: Artillery Gives a rude hand gesture in response.
“■■■■ You”

Statement ends.


I love how you manage to fit so much character into such a small build! Great as always!



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