Toa Aion, Master of Time

A mythical Toa with omnipotent abilities. This moc came about as a revamp of a character I made back in 2005 for LEGO's build a Toa contest . This moc was heavily inspired by MuffinToa's Viridian, which uses the same waist/hip combo.

More photos on flickr:


this is perfect
I wish more pieces came in metru gold, as this could use more of that colour scattered around on it, other then that this is beautiful


Oh Likus!

Big fan, happy you decided to join us on the Boards! 8D

Normally clashing golds really don't work but I feel in this context with the blue it works


I literally cannot find anything to criticize on this. And I'm the kind of guy who always finds ways to help others improve through constructive criticism. I actually feel bad because I cannot help you improve.

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Here's one tiny criticism: the red printing on the System curved slopes looks a bit out of place. @Likus, is this intentional?

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Thanks for finding that (now I can sleep tonight)
It's still amazing though

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Looks awesome. In my opinion the red printing breaks the great color scheme. The build looks cool and the parts usage was well done. smiley

Thanks for the comments! The red printing was not intentional (I don't have unprinted angular slopes in white) but I thought it looked good enough to keep. Some criticisms of mine are that the mixel eyes slightly break the balance and the belt would look better in gold or blue instead of silver. I also really need to bricklink tubing in more colors (I love the way it looks in mocs) smile

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Not a fan of the blades on the back (it's a shame they were a different shade of gold from the rest) - darn awesome MOC otherwise.

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The color scheme is very nice!

reaction number one
Wow....this is incredible for these boards. We usually don't get many custom MOCs aside from me and Chro.

reaction number two
Oh's Likus. No wonder.

reaction number three
Why haven't I seen him before? Did he just come?

reaction number four


That's one AWESOME MOC!!! :smiley: great job! (Dat Mask of Time dough!)