Toa and Makuta Strength Comparison

Dear Greg I know you do not give exact Makuta strength measurements but I have a question. Roughly how many Toa would there be working together to match a Makuta’s strength? This is excluding the Toa types that have extra strength.

Do you mean as in physical strenght or in elemental strenght?

Physical strength.

tl:dr= Unknown since Makuta are shapeshifters and their physical strenght is determinated by the armor they currently wear.

Depends on the Makuta. Since they are shapeshifters they can absorb mater and create larger and more powerful bodies.

Miserix has become large enough to carry many rather tall and heavy beigns for a considerable distance. Ir could take over twenty toa to subdue him.

A average size makuta strenght is also hard to determinate. I’d assume Antroz, for example, has enough physical strenght to lift a toa from throat. this means it would require probably six toa to hold one makuta back.

Makuta controlling exotoa or makilos robot could be very hard to keep down with physical strenght alone.

Edit: and Teridax became ABSURDLY powerful after taking over the great spirit robot.