Toa Atrix and Celzi the ice-wolf

Ta-da! My first toa moc, and my first female moc!

Atrix on her own:



D’aww, he’s just like a big puwppy-dawg


The wolf is nice. The Toa…eh, not so much. The icy beast head arm is pretty cool though…but why?

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The beast arm is something I’m yet to reveal :relaxed:

That is one weird torso build…

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The torso was probably the hardest part of the moc. I actully had intended the moc to be like an ice hermit, but that never happened.


The beast arm doesn’t look very integrated to me, and I feel like the shoulders may be a bit too broad at the connection points.


Some time I’m going to redo the shoulders completely.

Great moc! I love the wolf.

I like this, it is pretty good for small mocs

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That wolf is cute.

The Toa is a bit chesty don’t ya think? I mean, not that I was looking there but it kinda sticks out.

Also, what are you going off about @ItalianMustache?


He was going on about backstory that I made for her, then I removed it later. As for the toa, I’ve since updated her a bit, so I’ll post that in a bit.

Pretty much everything under the waist of the toa needs to be redone, the upper torso could use some minor adjustments but nothing too bad.

I have an issue with the dogs HUGE arms, but I’m guessing it’s a reference to legend of kora or something, though to keep the color scheme consonant the feet really should be white, I believe the front paws do come in white and the back ones come with Melum.

Okay, chill pill, both of you.

@ItalianMustache there’s a difference between constructive criticism and being a jerk. Being constructive implies that you have a positive desire for the artist to become better, and it’s clear you don’t want that.

@Creeper22122 Just because someone harshly criticizes your work does not give you grounds to insult them. If you’ve got a problem, flag the post and let the Staff take care of it.

Any more of this from either of you, and there will be administrative consequences (i.e. suspension). We clear?