Toa_BionicleFactory's MOC: The Librarian

The Librarian is a Toa of Sonics and Order of Mata Nui agent whose sole responsibility is to keep track of records and artifacts collected by the Order. His Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation, allows him to read foreign languages that some of these relics are written in. He carries a large, two-bladed sword and multi-layer shield (both made of protosteel) to defend the antiques under his care, should they come under attack.

Loads 'o' Poses:

Lots 'o' views of The Librarian:

I know that the torso is thin; I did my best to fix it.

It took me almost a half hour getting the Hewkii Mahri chains weaved throughout his torso to be just right.

The Librarian's lower legs were the first things I built. They started out as arms, but after accidentally attaching a Mata foot to them, I decided to make them his lower legs.

I know that it's blurry, you don't have to tell me.

I fixed those little gaps in his shoulders:

To show scale:

BONUS: Were you wondering how I gave Tahu neck articulation?

Here's how: I simply replaced the axle in his neck with one of the shorter lightsaber blades.

I learned that you could do this thanks to this video:

Here's a link for all of the pics:

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So uh

1) I moved this to Creative Content

2) You don't have to call it "Ven's MOC Spotlight Entry" for Venom to review it. (especially since he picks whatever the heck he likes)

3) I'd suggest NOT posting more pictures in another post, and instead editing the original post with the pictures.

Having said that, from what I can see this looks like an alright MOC. smile


1) Thanks; the Boards confuse me.

2) Okay; I'll edit the title.

3) Got it; will do.

Thanks! smile

  1. Why include the Mata thing?
  2. The torso looks like it's missing pieces and too wide.
  3. The mask doesn't fit the color scheme.
  4. Can't see a whole lot of the MOC.

1) I included it to show how I gave Tahu's neck a rotation.
2) I did the best I could; I'm relatively unskilled with Technic. The gaps at the top the shoulders are something I know I can fix with a blue pin-axle and a bushing. The torso wideness is intentional, that way he looks more formidable.
3) I know; I don't have any other masks that would fit. If I had a complete Ussanui, I would use the grey Hau from that.
4) I'll be posting more pics in a day or so in the form of a slideshow; they're too big to upload to the Boards.

Ever heard of Imgur?


I don't have an account there, but I'll make one for the rest of the pics & leave a link.

You kinda don't need an account.

What I can see is... Good?

Seems a tad disproportionate, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's well executed. I'll hold off on any other thoughts until I have a better view.

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Oh! Okay! that's good. now where's my flash drive...

Thanks! smile