Toa/Bohrok Combo Rahi

This is the result of around a week of work combining the Toa Mata with their respective Bohrok counterparts into a rahi each with a function and kanohi on their body. One of these is my interpretation of a canonical rahi that lacks art or a set form, with only a description to go off of.

This is the result of combining Tahu with Tahnok. The Manahi, a fiery ostrich with a strong neck, perfect for driving its face directly into another being, or into the ground. It bears its kanohi on its chest.

Instruction video link:

The combination of Lewa and Lehvak. The Kowa Jaga. The jungle dwelling variant of the Nui Jaga, sporting a single kanohi on its right claw, with a standard left claw. Its tail end resembles an axe blade, and strikes in a diagonal upward/outward motion meant to attack larger predators/prey than itself.

Instruction video link:

The combination between Gali and Gahlok. The Makuta Fish. Described by Matau as a fish with the same happy-smile as Makuta, with rows of teeth, and who’s bones Nokama turned into her trident. It only made sense to make this particular rahi blue, since Nokama’s trident is blue. It bears its kanohi on its back, and has a tail slapping function. The first image doesn’t include the simple stand I made to prop it up, the pieces of which don’t come in either Gali or Gahlok.

Instruction video link:

The combination of Kopaka and Kohrok. The Kokiore. A mouse-like rahi with a nasty bite, and the ability to turn inside its own skin, this rahi is considered a pest in the icy regions it inhabits, as it often chews on large ice structures, causing sculptures to topple, with the occasional chance of causing an avalanche. It bears its kanohi on its rear.

Instruction video link:

The combination of Onua and Nuhvok. The Nurati. A rabbit-like rahi with a powerful leaping function, it often burrows in the depths of mountains to avoid the majority of its predators. This rahi’s eyes provide it with excellent infrared vision, with small organs producing slight infrared light within the vast dark underground. Its mouth is located on the underside of its face, allowing it to look ahead while eating the roots it digs for. It bears its kanohi on its tail.

Instruction video link:

And finally, the combination between Pohatu and Pahrak. The Nakaraha. A cobra-like rahi that dwells in the desert, slithering under the sand to stalk its prey, powerful muscles located in the neck area allowing it to snap its head out of the sand to deliver its bite quickly. These rahi are known as the desert phantoms, able to fell an entire Mahi herd without being seen. Rattles located in its tail are used to detect even the slightest of tremors in a large radius of barren sand, a problem during a sandstorm. When sandstorms do occur, these rahi become exceedingly agitated, becoming a danger to matoran wandering in the area. It bears its kanohi on its upper back just before the location of the rattles.

Instruction video link:

I hope you enjoyed the backstories I came up with for the majority of these rahi, barring the makuta fish. I made sure each rahi had a kanohi and function (Although most are just the bohrok function, with the makuta fish also being the exception in this case coincidentally) since I believe good rahi design should incorporate a function and a kanohi located somewhere on the body. Barring those criteria, rahi are still okay as long as they look like they could be a functioning, living creature like the kikanalo or energy hound.


Ok yeah, I like these, I think the most well-executed is the scorpion, it’s a really great integration of the two sets.

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I love these! The rabbit and scorpion are my favourites, I like that you kept the mask feature the Rahi sets had, I can imagine making a pair fight!

This is a lot better than most of the official combo model rahi!

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Ey! These are pretty neat! And they really manage to fit their run’s aesthetic!

Great job mate!

Making combo models is one thing, but setting yourself to the guidelines that it must have a function and a visible kanohi, all while resembling a early era rahi? That’s dedication. Props to you man, well done.


These feel more official than the actual combos

These are really clever.

Awesome idea! These look super fun

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I like these, and think they work great! I really want to make the kowa jaga, but I dont have all the pieces to a lehvak yet.

I’m confident you’ll get there eventually. Not every piece of Lehvak is necessary to build the Kowa-Jaga. I actually have the video itself for it finished, but I’m still working on the rest and plan on releasing them near the same time.

yeah, I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, I built the nakaraha. I liked it more than I thought I would (I’m just not a huge fan of snake mocs) but I somehow lost my pahrak’s rubber band (I’m sure I’ll find it) and after that I decided to make a rahi out of turaga onewa and the pahrak va. I quite like the way it came out.
so, for the one I was able to build, you did good!

Whoa, these look so good, they should have come up with these back in 2002.

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