Toa Bomonga (Honor Guard Contest)

A living tanks. This is my first thought if someone aks me about toas of earth. I always think about them that they are strong and extremely durable. This is why my version of Bomonga is actually a tank.

As you can see his shield is big and strong and his spear is grandiose. His shield, similarly to Norik’s and Iruini’s shields, can shoot 1 rhotuka at the time but can store a spare one as well.

Of course there is enough clearance for ‘rhotuka atcivator’ piece to fit.

He is very well armoured except of his ‘shield arm’. I’ve decided to make him gladiator-like looking by creating this assymetry between his arms.
His hands are huge and very powerful. He also have sth which I always loved in Toa Onua : a hump.
All abovementioned features creat a great defensive machine.

He is also quite posable:

He is same slightly higher than Whenua.

Below you can fing some ‘exploded’ photos:

Flat dark gold kraahkan looks good to me but if this moc win the competition I’m ok with redesigning it.
I enjoyed a lot putting him together and I hope you like!
He consist of aproximetely 200 pieces.


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