Toa Bomonga, The Guardian (Toa Hagah Canon Contest)

In anticipation of the eventual Toa Hagah contest, here is my take on Toa Bomonga!


Alternate Masks

It’s been a while since I’ve made a MOC, and this was fun to build. I tried to strike a balance between the classic Hagah look, and making it more customized and detailed. Look forward to future Hagah entries!

Of course, expect this topic to be updated to fit with the contest rules when they come out, if necessary.


This is my favorite Bomonga I’ve seen in recent months. The flat gold works well with the black, and the Kraahkan as a shoulder pad is cool. And the fact that you fit it all around a Metru build is impressive!

Also, I don’t exactly know why, but the picture with him facing down Roodaka looks really good. :+1:


Thank you! I thought the Kraahkan pauldron would be a nice touch, given that the Hagah got their metallic armor for working for Teridax.


Y’know, I thought I remembered that, but doubted it and was too lazy to look it up on BS01. That’s a great detail!