Toa Cetro and Dendro


The Master of Acid, Cetro, has teamed up with the ancient Spirit of Acid, Dendro, on an epic quest to find a mysterious hidden relic! Armed with Cetro’s powerful Acid Sabers and Dendro’s mighty Acid Railgun, this determined duo can face any foe!

A 2016-esque revamp of my 2015 MOC, Cetro. While Cetro does have an animal companion in the form of Dendro, the two don’t “unite” like this year’s Toa do with the elemental creatures. Cetro uses my TW2 gearbox design.

Cetro - Front

Cetro - Back

Cetro - Torso build

Cetro - Lower arm build

Cetro - Lower leg build

Dendro - Front 3/4

Dendro - Back 3/4

Dendro - Underside


Am I seeing a frog with a gun on it’s back :sweat_smile:


That is indeed a frog with a gun on its back.


I like Cetro, good and interesting build. Good back armouring, Lego, take lessons from this man. Can’t really find a fault.
However, I have to say it, I don’t mind Dendro, no proper head, pretty boring build. Although the gun/cannon on his back is interesting. Compliments Cetro quite nicely. I’m guessing its a frog? I’m right :slight_smile:
Both have a rocking colour scheme. BTW, good use of Lewa’s chestplate and cool weapons. Absolutely love the trans green? bones

I love both, good use of a fairly rare color scheme and nice job capturing the look of a frog with Dendro.


dangit that’s a Sick frog

Oh the toa? He’s tubular


I can’t stop thinking of Hero Factory when I see this.

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Very tuby. I like it.

Mr. Boltron, is that you?

Looks really cool, although the chestplate kind of sticks out a bit.

I really like the tubey-bladey-wrist weapon things.

This thing is so amazinly adorable.
I love it…

these are really cool !

and Toa Cetro reminds me of lewa

Thanks for the comments! I’m sorry that you don’t really like Dendro. It was hard to make a frog-like head without making things to complex or delicate, so this was the best I could do. Otherwise, I’m glad you liked what you liked :smile:

Thanks! This colour scheme is really fun due to how vibrant it is. Back when I built the first version of Cetro, I was afraid that the trans-lime green would clash with yellow… But alas, they went together quite well.

Well, the original Cetro was meant to be a Bionicle version of Evo, sooo…


No no, no relation to Boltron :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though!


Thank you! Interesting that he reminds you of Lewa, though - Is it the weapons? The chestplate?


I just figured this out.

Yellow -> Lemons -> Citrus -> Cetro…

It’s actually a play on Citric, as in Citric Acid, which Lemons and other citrus fruit do indeed contain.

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I knew it!

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I didn’t say i dislike him, i just didn’t mind, I appreciate the limits you had to take with the head