Toa Charyas, my self moc

here he is, standard pose.

battle pose!

here are his weapons

obligatory side shot

obligatory back view

and a TTV exclusive photo,cause i might upload this in other places, how he got his zamor launcher!
so what do you think? (sorry about the horrible picture quality)


I applaud the effort to make a custom torso, but it looks awkward, try shortening it,

I like that someone uses the flame (thing) as a weapon, and the shield is fine,

overall, I call it a good start, but not finished,
a bit more keetorange to balance out the mask would help(yes, I realise the irony of me saying to balance your colours more),
and elbows,
and personally, how he holds the zamor launcher bugs me.

(I hope this didn’t come across too harsh)


i will take your advice, as soon as i have good pieces to use.

Custom torsos are very tricky. I’ve built several MOCs that use them, and the results are very hit or miss. Practice makes perfect, I guess. On the subject of colors, I’m guessing that Charyas is a toa of fire by the weapon, so the dark flesh (metru brown) leg and hip piece look a bit out of place. I’d suggest replacing them with black, metru red, or keetorange pieces if you can get hold of some. Other than that, the colors look nice together. As for the zamor launcher, try mounting it on the side of his arm; it might look a little more natural, since the way he holds it now would make it very awkward to fire, I think.

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im working on improving him alot. ill edit the pics tomorrow. (hes actually a toa of gravity, that sword has to do with backstory)

I build an interesting torso the other day. I’d post it, but my phone stopped working and I don’t have another way of taking pictures

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