Toa Chiara Ara, the Sickeningly Nosy Older Sister of Metru Nui

“Right; We females are so gentle after all.”

And that concludes my take on the protagonists of the Yesterday Quest serial. I believe a lot of you are quite familiar with my take on its antagonist. ((:


This box art edit is for personal use and multimedia practice purposes only. I am not in any way affiliated with LEGO and/or its intellectual properties, but I freaking wish I could be one day.

Textures recycled from Tuyet inspired by stylized medieval armor. My main priority was her silhouette with a sleek yet edgy aesthetic in mind-- the shape of lightning.

As such, symmetry was a given in said priorities. I needed Chiara to be a beautifully bad b.

The shape of the spear is inspired by the Royal Halberd from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the mechanical aspect(Technic) inspired by…


… those dope combat staves from Spy Kids: 3D. That sequence was super cheesy yet so sick. I’ll never forget you, Arnold :zap: :triumph:

Utilized horns and spikes to enhance the hourglass silhouette around a solid waist articulation.

Main armor utilizes the Nuva armor set to emulate a smooth breastplate-pauldron combo, flowing into Technic textures, and finally into the contrasting edgy Nuparu Mahri armor plates to emulate the edgy gauntlet-greave combo-- a balanced set of aesthetics to convey the graceful yet terrifying power of Chiara’s element.

Mask used is Galva’s take on the Kanohi Volitak. The shape of the mask fits Chiara as its jawline flows down to a sharp point from the sleek cheekbones. The Mask is just… really pretty.

My original take was to give her a travelling staff, painting her in the Nomad-Mage light, but thanks for foiling my plans, Canon. Nonetheless, the spear looks good on her. I made it work :DD

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Cheers, and see y’all at the Fanon Contests I plan to wreck with raw Bayformers energy :triumph:


She may not be part of a team very often, but she certainly has SPEARit!


it’s a pity Bionicle G1 ended before greg could finish TYQ, we never even got Chiara’s email address


I am so mad I understood this reference. I love you, my guy.

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The Galva Volitak (Galvolitak?) also works better for the symmetry. I like the gear on the back.

One minor quibble though: those spikes on the thighs would fall out if the pin is facing away; it would have to be facing down to hold the spike.


Duly noted; Thank you! Fortunately, it isn’t a drastic change to the build :relieved::ok_hand:

I really like the spear! The MOC’s build is simple but the finished product is amazing!

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I keep seeing your builds and love every single one of them so much :slight_smile: That weapon is just stunning though <3

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honestly this may be my favourite Chiara at this point - mabye even more then my own - this looks freaking dope, i might just even try replicate it for my shelf.
(also yaaaasss another articulated waist - it suits her)
not huge on the large amount of silver tho - personally i think it works better as an accent color

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This whole build is obviously really good, but the standout for me is the spear.

It’s such a simple detail, but the Technic driving ring extensions look really good with the wide worm gear:



ooh this moc looks awesome!! I really like the way you built the armor and that spear is great! Very nice job.

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T-This was my absolute favorite part in building the spear; I loved this small technique so much that I had to apply it to both ends :") I’m so glad someone else finally noticed that subtle texturing :sob::ok_hand:

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really cool seeing your builds, only gripe is how thin that waist connection is, maybe a tire would fix that? don’t know if you can even get a tire in thingie

Tires are available in

Obviously they won’t snap-connect to anything besides their respective rims, but you can manually position them in the right spots:



No, I’m The Guy!

One of my favourite Chiaras so far. The rendering and posing really sells the idea.


she looks amazing

now i know im getting out of touch with the lore as i’d forgotten who this even was when i found the topic and had to look her up to remind me

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Maybe a bit too complicated for a canon model but looks great <3

Doesn’t look too complicated for a canon model to me