Toa Chiara V1, Toa of Lighting (MOV)

I always wanted to have a bigger sister, or at least a twin one (GRAVITY FALLS!!!), but I don’t have one so… yeah. But I can have one in my mocs! I was lazy to reinvent a new female character, so I took a cannon one and make it my sister! Guys, I present you Vladin’t bigger sister: Chiara! Toa of Lighting!

It is a very simple moc, but I like it! As weapons she have a duo-bladed sword and a electricity shield.

After she, Orde, Zaria and Gelu finished their loooong mission, Chiara heard about a new Toa Team on the island of Okoto. After she discovered that the leader was her long lost brother, she leaved her team and went there. She promised him that she will never leave him alone.

Currently, Chiara is in top 10 powerful Toa on the planet, this mean that she will never lose a battle!
Preparing to fight with a mutant monster.

Killing the mutant monster (in 3 seconds!).

With her favorite brother.

Even if Vladin look older, Chiara is able to kill him just with a hug!

See you later, Chiara!


He means the story, which I doubt really matters all that much.

I think he torso is a bit too short, and it throws off the rest of the build. Also, try adding an accent color to break up the blue.


Like what?

Maybe an orange or yellow? Even lime could work. Just something that’s somewhat bright would probably do the job.


What a coincidence! I’ve always wanted to get rid of one!


This color isn’t unique, but it’s not too common compared to black/gunmetal or white/trans-blue.

those are bootleg

Chiara pretty much fall in the same category as Vladin by heavily appearing as a HF moc (unless it’s intentional), the small hands and likely bare back is noticeable.

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Is good grey and gun-metal?

i mean, a person that’s good with color placement can pull that off.

um, no, regular yellow goes well with purple, just as blue goes well with orange, and red goes well with green. it all depends on where it’s placed on the MOC.[quote=“TheDarkMaster, post:12, topic:38075”]
And that is only cause gold goes well with everything.

i mean, gold does go well with a large ammount of things, depending on the placement.

any color combination can go well, as long as the placement is good.

As for the MOC itself, it seems like basic CCBS with a Hero Factory 1.0 torso.

also, nice score on the bootleg glatorian head used, along with the KO weapons.


Since my original post was deleted:

He looks good for a simple CCBS moc, but the lower arms and hands look out of place as that colour doesn’t appear anywhere else

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Those coule probably work, but still a few small accents of bright color would do wonders for this.

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