Toa Collerak and Kylerak

Greetings, gathered friends! It is time to show you me and my brother's self MOCs, Toa Kylerak and Collerak. First I'll be showing off Collerak.

My brother actually made him, but it's my character which represents me. I still call it my self MOC. Collerak is equipped with an acid launcher staff and a huge shield. He also wears the Kanohi Kualsi, the Mask of Quick-Travel.

Note that I actually prefer the element Stone now, but when I was younger, I liked air, and my Toa-self was a Toa of Air.

Onto Kylerak!

My brother, ToaKylerak, has always liked the Fire Toa, so he ended up making his a Toa of Fire. Kylerak has a Kanohi Huna, the Mask of Concealment, and a giant firesword.

Here's both of them together:

Arn't they awesome? The team article is going to come eventually, but for now, enjoy Toa Kylerak and Collerak!


I love Collerak's staff.


Yeah, my brother designed that pretty well. I enjoy it, as well.

These here are probably the best Inikabuilds on the forum. Great work to both of you smiley

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They remind me of the Hagah. Nice work!


I like Kylerak in particular. He looks incredibly b*****.

I really like the use of the Thornax launchers on both of them!

Pretty simple, but still good. I have some issues with the black on Collerak's chest and the short thigh and feet choices, and the cordak ammo on Kylerak looks out of place. But aside from that, take my tenth like.

How odd. This is pretty much how Cacola and I started our self-MOCs! I made the original models for both of us, but later Cacola made his own adjustments.
I like these guys. They're simple and have a nice feel for inikabuilds. Can't say I like one more than the other.

The staff on Collerak is sick and I love how Collerak has a slightly Mahri build. Kylerakk Is don't love as much but both there colour schemes are solid. Great job and keep mocing.

Really cool I just wish my brother liked bionicle too.

Meh, I really don't like the unrealistic way that Nuparu Mahri shield is attached. However, they're both solid Inika-build variations (though Kylerak should lose the black hands and ankles).