Toa Crimson- Toa of Thunder

This is Crimson. The source of his power came from the original Red Star. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me pinpoint the exact dimension he's from.

Armed with twin Static Blades, and a Sonic Crossbow. By using his powers to generate electromagnetism he can fly short distances. His Kanohi Mask, (with a name that escapes me) can allow his movements to be completely silent but still remain visible.

If you have better names for some stuff feel free to share them. I am open to suggestions.

After several comments about a lack of RED on this guy, I've found a solution. First off a new picture of him in flight.

Explanation; When Crimson uses his Elemental Power the parts of his body that aren't "Metallic" glow red. Of course, when he focuses his power (such as when he's flying) the glow fades a bit. When he's not focusing, well... On the other hand, those of you who think the mask is probably the Kanohi Volitak, I do not agree. See, the Volitak makes the user partially invisible, Crimson's mask keeps him visible. No idea if the Noble version would match this description though.


Considering his name, I'm surprised to see no red, but this is a neat build, clean and simple. The mask you're referring to may be the Volitak.

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Good enough moc. Clean and simple. Arms are abit long but that can't be avoided. I think you could've done with the blades but other then that pretty good. As for the name I suggest something like volein or something cool other then crimson or a color

It can be avoided. Not a terrible problem though, since this appears to be an attempt at a regular Bionicle Toa, almost set-style, and official sets had long-ish arms.
He's not violet either. stuck_out_tongue

I was trying to make a pun off the Thunder/Electricity prefix in MU, 'Vo-'

Ah, sorry about that. I didn't see any pun.




Meh, not a fan of basic LDD MOCs. If you're going to do something in LDD I prefer it to be something you couldn't build in real life. It'd be fine as a normal MOC though.


I'm not even gonna question how a crossbow is sonic by any definition of the word.

Sonic Booms are fired by it.

Sorry, but Crimson is the permanent name of this character. Otherwise I'll have to modify an already completed project and a bunch of others I haven't even finished.

Why not just add a bit of red, then, to make the name accurate?


Your Toa reminds of me Assassin's Creed. It's the mask that is reminding me of it.

By the way, I like the addition of the red parts.

I like the update with the red.
Perhaps his mask could be a Shelek which he uses on himself?

I say that since the Mask of Stealth has not been shown in Noble form, it could be that. Alternatively, it could be the Mask of Sound, since there's a mask for any element.

Edit: Just realized I never commented on this model. Pretty good, I especially like the Crossbow.