Toa_Distraxx's Terrible MS Paint Art

I’ve been drawing with MS Paint for about a year or two now, so why not share some of my masterpieces?

Note: This art is probably so bad it’ll make you all cringe

Anyway, up first we have this.

I’ve shown this before and it was the basis for my “MS Paint Art Requests” so it’s nothing new.

I made this variation of the one above when the Blood Moon 2017 Event happened in League of Legends, as I was really into it at the time.

Up next we have a more recent thing:

These are supposed to be Maverick bosses for a Megaman X fan-game I’ll probably never make. Honestly I kind of hate these, only a few look decent.

Another more recent one, drawn in paint 3d.

It’s literally called “mymasterpiece” in the files.

Man, this is an old one.

I drew this almost two years ago now, and I was playing a lot of Animal Jam at the time (I’ve quit since, as it got extremely boring and dumb) so i decided to draw one of my characters saying “Hey Beans” for some reason.

It sucks. I know.

Some people might remember this, I drew this on April Fools day last year. Duploonicle was a great idea. /s

And finally,

My final piece of art from my MS Paint Art Requests. I love this thing. It’s so stupid and dumb and it makes no sense, but I love it anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this dumb look at some of my terrible art. I have no idea why I made this topic.


Pacha + Distraxx = This

My totally original sonic OC, Original the Cancerhog

“Comedg” Drawn as a joke on Discord because of a typo i made

k that’s all of the new art bye


It keeps getting better and better.

I remember this. Heh, already spotted my stuff.

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the memories/s


Still nothing can beat Dermis Dragon sock puppet. :laughing:

Definitely haven’t forgotten this - I mean, just look at my profile pic.

Why was this topic not immediately featured?


distraxx y

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