Toa Draco-A Toa team which defeated the Kanohi Dragon for the first time (Senit's Toa team collab)

It is a part of @Senit 's toa team collab

Toa Draco


Toa Viridis, the warrior
power: the green
mask: kanohi kualsi, mask of quick travel
weapon: a dagger, a hook(replacement of his left arm)

Deputy Leader

Toa Ignis, the boxer
power: fire
mask: kanohi volitak, mask of stealth
weapon: gloves


Toa Lux, the gunner
power: plasma
mask: kanohi pehkui, mask of diminishment
weapon: a blaster

Toa Lapis, the farmer
power: stone
mask: kanohi komau, mask of mand control
weapon: a scythe

Toa Nebula, the guardian
power: lightning
mask: kanohi kaukau, mask of water breathing
weapon: a spear, a small shield

Toa Sonus, the musician
power: sonics
mask: kanohi miru, the mask of levitation
weapon: two blades attached with chains

Toa Lignum, the carpenter
power: stone
mask: kanohi hau, mask of shielding
weapon: an axe

Toa Venator, the hunter
power: stone
mask: kanohi kakama, the mask of speed
weapon: an boomerang


The asymmetry on some of the builds feels like it lacks reason, and while Lux has a unique design, I feel like they don’t resemble a toa all that much. Though I do think Sonus has a neat torso design.




Pretty nice. They all look unique from each other. Though Lux would benefit from more white.

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they look cool

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@TheMOCingbird @Rhyla416 Thank you!
@The_Blue_Panda Oh! I never thought about that.
@Senit When I made him, I had only few white pieces, so I had no choice. Maybe I could give him more white someday.


these look pretty nice, though i think Ignis has the most consistent design.

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You’ll be hearing from my lawyer momentarily.


@Enbeanie Thank you! I tried to make Ignis less consistent, but it didn’t worked out pretty well
@Sonus I never thought about it when I named my moc because sonus means sound in Latin.


I’m just kidding. I did the exact same thing to pick my name.


ooh very nice
I like how unique they all are, though I agree that there are some odd design choices.

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unique design chooses thats in a positive note btw
i like Toa Ignis colours and design best

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Thank you!

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