Toa Dume

Dumer, The Dume Slayer

I’ll see this city reduced to rubble … with not even two bricks still together … before I let your kind take root here.
— Dume, Legacy of Evil

3D printed mask by KhingK, hammer design by Velocijackor, and inspired by iBunny’s Dume

Flickr: Kodiak Captures | Flickr


DUME: Eternal. Coming to Steam soon.

This is awesome, gives me hope for the Hagah contest. The color blocking is on point, and the weapon design is spectacular. Did you preserve the function or is the gear on the back for show?

My one critique is the way you pose Lhikan’s hands.


I like how you created a sort of gradient affect in the limbs. The hammer is also quite nice. Good job!


Ah yes.

Everything a said in my stream still stands.
I love how you’ve done the gradient here helps it stand apart from the other dume Mocs.

The hammer looks great as well.

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If the black wasn’t dark and serious enough, the weapon really helps to hammer home the idea that this Toa means business.

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This is one of the best Toa Dume mocs I have ever seen!

Also do you mind sharing the internals of that wonderful hammer?

The only issue here is that the proportions seem a little wacky. The longer arms don’t really fit the sloping leg design very much, and the head seems too high. It looks like he’s trying to be both buff and lean, and it’s not really working out.

But that color scheme is eye candy. Unique interpretation of a Toa of Fire’s colors, and I absolutely dig it. Design isn’t my new headcanon, but these colors certainly are. Excellent work.


Love the power hammer too its eye catching though maybe a little long.
Color scheme is nice to give the effect of cooling lava


I like the colors, but somehow his arms seem too short compared to his legs. Or maybe they’re too thin–the shin armor kind of sets the proportions off. Also, the feet kill my soul as always, but the hammer is really something special.