Toa Ekimu, leader of the Toa Denset update

Ekimu has gone under some minor modifications since his first post.

The primary changes were in his weapons, Ekimu now wields the creation blade, made of raw energy and powered by the forge of creation.

He still has his ornate saw shield.

He also has a brand new (very simple) storage system for any two of his three items to sit on his back at once.

Ekimu also has his hammer of power back, which has been enhanced by the mask of creation. Which allows him to knock masks off the faces of evil, and serve true justice upon his enemies.

Of course Ekimu can dual weild whatever combination of these tools that he chooses.

And we end with Ekimu, Toa of Creation, beside Takeru, protector of Creation.


Nice. Really like the hammer. Reminds me of this.


Nice, really smooth transition to a bigger version of Ekimu.

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I can see this as a legitimate Toa Ekimu, his proportions still have that bulky appearance his Mask Maker form has, and something about his general physique just works here.


You know, give him a crap ton more trans-blue and you have the 2016 Summer verison! :smiley:
Really nice looking MOC!

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When I get that set I plan to make, what will basically be a second version of this moc called "Ekimu, god of Creation"

@Stoax The original idea was to translate Ekimu's features to a Toa sized version.

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It's a nice build, I particularly like the hammer.

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Looks very cool!

Light sabers make everything better.
"knock masks off the faces of evil" apparently Ekemu doesn't like the CDL Zelda games.

The lower arms bug me. But the lightsaber fixes everything :smiley: