Toa Ekimu

MOV of Toa Ekimu, I like how he looks with Agil on his shoulder and the Russian Tahu Cape- let me know what you think :slight_smile: (And before ya say it- he’s meant to be simple, yes. The set is simple, the Toa are simple, so the MOV is simple)

Here @Mesonak, odd Mask of Creation shoulders… eh this actually looks okay :relaxed:


I’m not too big a fan of the torso with the flat shoulders, but otherwise I really like this.

I like how you put the Inika torso on the Uniter skeleton, it looks pretty cool. The arms seem just slightly short at some angles. He’s a pretty nice figures other than that very tiny, tiny thing. I wonder how he’d look like wings

@BBricks @thundermaster612 Thanks guys :slight_smile:

His torso is very T shape.

Everything else looks fine.


Yeah I agree, I console myself by pretending it’s like Chris Evans being a dorito