Toa Emerald & The Everbird MOC

This MOC is based off of my old youtube channel which had the word ‘Emerald’ in it’s name. I know the colours and proportions seem a bit odd. I would love this to be in a MOC spotlight but I don’t think I deserve that. Anyways, please let me know on things you think about this!

Also I wouldn’t really call this a self MOC, I may do a self-MOC in the future though…

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The entire thing is a cluttered mess of colors and parts, why does the chest plate need to be upside down? The legs also don’t need to be double limbed either.

The smaller MOC is alright, it does look like a smaller Gadunka, and I can tell that its Uxar’s
you should swap out the feet for something smaller like the silver creature feet, and theres no reason to have the white blade instead of the silver and green blade on the wings, just yank it off the bigger MOC and have both the wings be the same.


Emerald is a cluster mess, can’t say anything beside the appearance kinda remind me of Gaardus with it Unity form.
The Everbird color is consistence but it’s literally Uxar with arm-blade and feet.

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Thanks for the advice. I might remake it today into a better form and send you that.

is this better at all?

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The left arm is literally backwards.
The upper legs can use a different armor piece, and I don’t see the point of those things on his back.

Do you want me to remake it again?

Also I created a new MOC that you might find a little better. It’s called ‘Ragna the Fire Wielder’ if you want to check it out.

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