Toa Estek, Toa of Magnetism

There really isn’t much to say about him as far as story goes, but he is a member of the Toa Sentau. He also has an artificial right forearm.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

And yeah, his long neck really annoys me.


The silver sticks out, and the mask is really weirdly out of place. He looks totally artificial, not just his arm. I like some of the complexity, but he needs work.


I think the super long neck doesn’t help.

It bugs me more than it should.

If I can get black HF 2.0 feet i will swap them out. I will also test gunmetal. Not much I can do about the mask right now.

Reminds me of Nexus… pretty cool, although the color scheme is somewhat boring, try adding accents.

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Yep. That’s a lot of black. He needs a more prominent accent color, trans orange would probably be a good choice (silver works too, if you can make the build unique enough to compensate for the color choice. I’d suggest taking a look at the MOC that OmegaTahu linked, also, take a look at @CommanderSpencer’s Gellan.

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The torso seems very bland.

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Yeah, honestly his build is very lackluster and bland in colorscheme. The torso is solid, but is just a block of black and nothing else, really.

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I never knew torsos were the most important part of the MOC.

In all seriousness, I don’t know what you mean by this. It’s a torso. It works like a torso.

There’s some mechanics that you can’t actually see due to the torso plate. I didn’t take a proper picture, but there is an extra shoulder joint with a piece added to lock it in place when it’s out of use.

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The MOCs build is alright, but the colours could be distributed better and the neck seems either too long or too thin.


It looks alright to me, nothing much to critique in my opinion, except that you should probably put a tire on the neck, which would help with it looking odd.

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Well, I for one consider the torso to be more important than the limbs, having it represent the structure with the most quality in a MOC, while the limbs are simpler and allow for more articulation-

-what is the context you said this in, I’m not sure