Toa Fordian (December 2015 Update)
You can find the album here!

Not much has changed for my Self-MOC since September, aside from a revamped color scheme of added dark azure. I also tried my hardest to add a bit more to the chest. All said and done, I’m happy with it.


er… definately spread more silver unless you want some sort of boot effect. Maybe spread up the dark azure. D’you think you could also create a new chest? Nothing against the inika chest plate, but it sorta clashes and it could use the other colors outside gunmetal and transbluelite.

OTherwise the guy looks nice!

Ah Imgur. It’s like a curse

That’s cool bro, like the mask and armour selections. Colors are nice too but maybe try to add in more than just blue. A color scheme usually puts things together.

@JMP I had more silver spread before. I added the dark azure to liven up the character rather than being another drab and bland silver guy on the internet. Perhaps it’s the lighting of the photos, but the trans light blue really helps to mesh the dark azure and welcome it in.

@Fearhax …I think there’s enough going on as is. And trust me when I say that I know how to color scheme. I’m not about to turn my self-MOC into a rainbow cosplay.

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The moc has a decent color scheme. It needs more silver. I like the armor choices. It really suits the moc well. The asure is sot on and the mask is great. I woul like to see more asure armor though…

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Just a suggestion, I’m not trying to rip on your moc of anything. I really like it a lot. And I trust your judgement in the colors, but mostly silver is not my style, I like to spread my silver out and make it a highlight.

Looks like an Inika build, but it turns out to be custom! Nice surprise, and good engineering! Although, either add more silver or get rid of it, it’s clashing with the gunmetal!