Toa Gadwen, Toa of Irony (self MOC)

So here is my first ever self Moc (or any technic/CCBS moc for that matter) Toa Gadwen! She is a native Okotoran chosen to be the next toa of Water to defend the land of Gakoto. She posesses most of the powers Gali had along with some others like a Sonar like radar and sound powers. Like Gali she hates injustice and will fight to end it, however, she like Gali also tells horrible jokes, maybe even worse jokes than Gali! Sorry for the bad quality of pics, I will retake them later.



Definitely a unique take on a Toa of water, rather than a pure and free-flowing being, we have this regal-looking warrior who seems to have collected scraps and chain from the seabed and used them as armor. Some things could've executed a bit better, notably the legs, but the overall idea is something I can admire.


Yeah, I had a lot of issues trying to make the legs, they had a much more complicated build at first, but they limited poseabilty a lot. And as for the skirt, I had many different ideas to execute it, first it was just using the vezon cape, then using the jetpack thingys from fire lord. In the end I kept these because I couldn't find the other jetpack thing, so yeah, looks a bit odd but, not bad for a first time!


While the legs look a little strange, I do enjoy the rest of the figure and the overall aesthetic of it.

I'm not sure if the azure and the Metru blue work well together...

It looks pretty good, but the textures of the CCBS chest plate and the Visorak legs are off and don't look appealing as chest detail. The arms also look a little under-armored, maybe add a shell inside the arm bone if possible.

I can't really tell what's up with the legs, the top part is really messy, but I do like the look of the flaring out skirt and the flaring out chest armoring, definitely keep that look. The lower legs do not work at all, they are extremely thin and unarmored. The feet also aren't doing it, they look really unstable, and there's also no other Mata blue anywhere else, which makes them look off.

Fix those, and I think this would look pretty interesting!

Yes, I'm actually changing the loqer part of her, it didn't really work for me either. I will make sure to post an update after it's done.

I kinda like the jagged texture look you have going on here but a lot of the parts kinda ruin the look, making the build seem a bit cluttery. I'm not a fan of torso, how low the arms are placed, and the lower legs. The "Skirt" is a nice idea and I like it, but the Piraka feet don't look good. I suggest you find another alternative. Happy to hear you're changing the lower leg design.

The Dark Azure looks great, it gives me the impression that she is wearing Dark Blue armor. The Trans-Orange and Blue not so much.

Overall as a first MOC this is pretty good, and I hope you iron out some of the kinks later.

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New version! As you can see I made the legs a lot shorter and chande the whole look, the chest has now a nice flow and it doesn't look as cluttered as the first version. ERROR 403

And yes, the high heels DO keep her up, they're quite sturdy.

More pics as soon as 403 is fixed


Wow, this is good. I really like the improvements on the legs, and the chest piece. I also like the unique use of Barraki mandibles on the heels, and the very unique use of the skull spiders across the build. Very good.

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Looks a bit better! I do like those Skull spider pieces on the thighs! And now the feet don't looks as bad for some reason, but still try and make them azure since the Mata blue isn't anywhere else.

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Wow, the colors work great, the build is solid and distinct, that weapon is fab, and I love the chains and sort of "rough" look. Great job! (Diggin' those functional heels too, that stuff ain't always easy.)

Me in a nutshell.
Anyway I plan to revamp her, given that I got a lot of new neat parts, like the star wars leg pieces and shoulders. The heels work amazingly like you say, they are incredibly stable, but My main issues where the legs and the arms which I will fix as soon as I can.

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I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my self-MOC as well. (The chest needs to be more full, and the arm design made a bit lighter.) Good luck on your projects!

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May I see?

Here be the original post:

This is a great self moc. Very cool design.

But hey that's just an opinion, my opinion.