Toa Galva and the Av-Hagah of Tuyet’s Regime

At the outbreak of the war between the Toa Empire and the Brotherhood of Makuta, the mighty Toa of light was debut in a critical battle.

Found by Toa Matoro on a secret mission from the empress to Karda Nui, Gavla was taken under Tuyet’s wing and trained in combat. When the Toa Avokai(inika of the empire) completed the Hagah’s quest and found the Avohkii, it was handed down to the eager Av-matoran.

In her debut battle, Gavla achieved the impossible, slaying Makuta Teridax. This gave the empire a long term advantage as the Brotherhood fell into a scramble for power until Icarax eventually took the mantle of High-general.

Gavla wields two large clawed gauntlets, affectionately named “the rending lights”, allowing her to slice and tear through any material. The mask of light allows her to spread an aura of understanding and fire beams of light from her claws.

Following the death of Teridax, Tuyet sought out combat trained Matoran and had them transformed into an honor guard for her “champion of light”. Donning kanohi reforged in honor of their ward, the sole duty of the “Av-Hagah” is to protect the toa of light at all costs.

The twins, Rafa and Lafa, are Gavla’s close confidants. Wielding aqua-tomahawks and midak launchers, they can combine their powers over water to create massive waves.

Rafa, tomahawk in right hand, is learned in battle doctrine and wields a reforged hau.
Meanwhile Lafa, tomahawk in left hand, has experience in medicine and wields a reforged mask of healing.

Rafa is a pragmatist, while Lafa is very heartfelt. Together they help keep the team on task and united.

Maglor is the team’s toa of fire. His dedication edges on the foolhardy at times, but he is the most loyal of the team.

The most experienced in combat, Maglor wields a set of fire claws and a special “inferno launcher” that fires stored and concentrated elemental fire balls.

A former explorer and rahi handler, Ulnok is a mighty toa. At the same time, he is an expert on the ancient lore of the matoran universe and a enjoys when he is able to survey the archives for information.

With heavily reinforced armor, Ulnok can handle rival most rahi with his natural strength.

Wielding a mighty warhammer, Ulnok can shatter boulders and crack the toughest armor. Meanwhile, his reforged kanohi ruru allows for translation of old texts and the understanding of Rahi language.

Together, this elite force heralds the Toa Empire’s Champion of Light. Woe to any opponent who faces the wrath of Gavla, for in secret the Avohkii is more or a mask than she lets on. In truth, the toa of light enjoys her status as a one of a kind toa, and relishes the destruction of her enemies…like empress, like champion.

So…I just began collecting those silver Avohkii and ended up realizing. “What? Why do I have four of these?” :sweat_smile:
Thus, an honor guard for my Toa Gavla, who I upgraded from her previous interaction now that I have more gold and white parts.
I hope giving her the shredder claws and “banners” help differentiate her from Takanuva while still wearing the mask of light. Either way, I hope you enjoy.


I like the design unity here.




You have far too many Avohkii. I love how they have unique looks despite having the same mask and build.


These are all super cool. You’d think giving four Toa the same mask would make them all look the same, but all of them (except Rafa and Lafa, lol) somehow look pretty distinct from each other. Good work!